Build Your Brand & Be Ahead of the Game: An Etsy Holiday Sales Guide

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Build Your Brand Preparing for the Holidays


Yep, less than 12 weeks until Christmas.  Wow.  I can’t believe how fast time has gone this year.  Today I’m going to help you “Build Your Brand” this holiday season with a few tips for starting up your holidays on the right foot.  Yep, that’s right, it’s an Etsy holiday sales guide that is sure to get you thinking & have you ready for a great holiday shopping season.

Build Your Brand Preparing for the HolidaysEtsy Holiday Sales Guide

Could it be that Christmas is right around the corner?  It must be true as yesterday saw the release of Etsy’s Holiday Merchandising Guide.  Before we dive into the specifics of this very helpful retail sales guide, let’s first get your store ready.

I’ve developed an easy, simple, step-by-step process to help you be ready for holiday sales on Etsy.  I’ve broken it down by easy to do tasks.  This is not something to procrastinate on.  Your store need to be ready for Christmas as early as right now and as late as November 1st.  Do not hesitate to get a jump on holiday releases and featured items.  Do not hesitate.

My best piece of advice: Get a calendar & plan ahead. Do not let the Christmas sales & shopping season take you by surprise.  Make a plan & stick to it!

General Overview of What To Do Now:

  • Identify Your Top Sellers
    • Which items sell the best & why?
    • Make plenty in advance to keep on top of your sales
  • Plan the following items:
    • Which items you will discount
    • Which items you will push the hardest for sales
    • Which items will be featured
  • Decide it you are having a sale 
    • Decide when it will start
      • Before Christmas
      • After Christmas
      • After the new year
    • Decide where you will market it (social media options)
    • I run a sale only on days Etsy helps me promote (See the merchandising desk for specifics of how & when Etsy will promote these sales):
      • Black Friday – Nov. 23 (Tag your items: Black Friday Etsy)
      • Cyber Monday – Nov. 26 (Tag your items: Cyber Monday Etsy)
  • Decide if you are giving away freebies – Everyone likes freebies
    • What will your freebie be?
    • Use last years’ sales as a model & do time & a half that many items to be on the safe side
    • Here’s some inexpensive adders perfect for the holidays:
      • Candy canes turned into reindeer
      • Peppermint discs (or any Christmas candy)
      • Hot Cocoa Packs
  • Holiday Packing – Make it pretty!
    • As a general rule of thumb your holiday packing should be different than your packing during other times of year.
    • If you don’t normally wrap your orders, wrap them.
    • If you don’t normally put ribbons on your orders, do it.
    • If you don’t put tags on your items, do it.
    • I think you get the idea.
    • Buy all boxes, gift wrap, tissue paper, tags, etc NOW and be ready for your customers.
  • Get Ready to Ship Quick – No one likes to wait on packages during the holidays
    • Plan your inventory ahead and make overflow if you have to
    • For most sellers, it is far better to have too many than to be caught short sided and unable to ship on time
  • Advertise Custom Orders
    • Advertise now in order to get orders with plenty of time for you to make it
    • In your “about” section, make sure to include that you do custom orders and their starting rates.
  • Do Your Family Gifts Right Now
    • I make 90% of the gifts I give my family & loved ones.
    • Make your gifts ahead of time so you are not cramming at the last minute to get them done.
    • Keep a list of who you need to make things for & what you’re making.  And of course, cross them off when they are finished.

Store Tweaks to Put You Ahead of the Game:

  • Change Your Tags
    • Go to the Merchandising Desk and read it
    • Change some of your key item(s) tags to fit the themes
      • ***Please only do this if your item truly fits that theme…nothing will get you ignored (or reported to Etsy) faster than tags that are placed to drive traffic & have nothing to do with your item.
  • Insert decor ideas into descriptions
    • Add a description paragraph to you decor items suggesting how it might be used
      • Example: “Place this over your stockings on the mantle to add a whimsical note of holiday cheer to your living room.”
  • Check the trends
    • ***See above note
    • If you make handmade items, make something this year that will fit a trend and get you noticed.
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