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Build Your Brand with this Step by Step Etsy Treasury Tutorial by KatersAcres

Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres


Build Your Brand with this Step by Step Etsy Treasury Tutorial by KatersAcres

Etsy’s position on treasuries has always been one of promotion of others.  While some have abused that privilege, the basic functioning of a treasury and how they work is still the same.  For today’s Build Your Brand series, we are going to discuss this basic etsy tool, some of the basics of building a treasury, and how to create an effective etsy treasury that might make it to the front page by using key visual elements & theming.  Use this basic etsy treasury tutorial to help you build your own brand, while building a fantastic & eye catching curated treasury.


Reds in Polymer Clay Etsy TreasuryWHAT IS IT & WHY?

Before we can discuss anything, we have to know what something is.  A treasury is a curated list of 16 items made by one person on Etsy.  The “curator” of the treasury does not have to be a store seller, they only have to be an Etsy user to create a treasury.

The purpose of a treasury is to give exposure to items you like, most often that fit into a theme.  It is not for self promotion or for self gain.  A treasury is a tool on Etsy that can be used in a variety of ways.  Over Etsy‘s history as a marketplace treasuries have become an important part of your marketability and currently one of the only ways to reach the coveted front page position.

Sapphire Skies Etsy TreasuryHOW TO CREATE A TREASURY

  1. Decide on a theme
  2. Use the “search” feature to find items that match your theme
  3. Copy & paste the URL links into the treasury form
  4. Arrange the items in a pleasing & eye catching order
  5. Save the treasury
  6. Convo* the people you have featured and let them know they are in a treasury!
Please know that I can not create a treasury in less than an hour, but everyone is different.  If you have some spare time, go ahead and set up a treasury; just know that it most likely will not be something that you can do quickly.


Purple Dream Etsy Treasury

If you want a chance for your treasury to be placed on the front page, seek out the Merchandising Desk for the current month and build treasuries related to some of their promotional topics, color schemes, or themes.  (As of the publication of this post, they have been no new Merchandising Desk reports for either August or September).

If you don’t like any of the topics the Merchandising Desk has suggested, feel free to pick your own topic or color scheme.  When I am shopping for something specific, I will often create treasuries to showcase things that fit that theme.


Colorific Parker

When you simply don’t know what to create, use these ideas to help you:

  • Use Etsy’s color picker to pick items falling in a certain color range.
  • Go through your Etsy teams and use team members items to curate a treasury.
  • Use Etsy’s trends emails and click on one of the links, building a promotional treasury of current trends.


Etsy Treasury How To Choose an Image for Your Treasury featuring DellCoveSpices Halloween Cocktail Sugar Rimming KitOnce you have established what theme you will be using, it’s time to find your items.  However, like everything else, there is a catch.  Here’s the nitty gritty … if you want your treasury to hit the front page, then you MUST choose a cohesive theme with 16 items whose photographs are above reproach and “perfect” in every way.  If you ignore this important rule, your treasury will never make it to the front page.


When creating your treasury if you follow nothing more than these 3 things, your treasury will be seen and loved by many.

  1. Choose items with AWESOME pictures
  2. Tell as many people as you can about your treasury: tweet it, put it on Facebook, and take it to some treasury teams too!
  3. Do NOT include yourself; include people you don’t already know.

If you have further questions or what more information on etsy treasury tutorials, please visit the etsy blog for more information.

*DISCLAIMER: sending a convo about the treasury is actually against Etsy’s terms of service.  However, treasuries do not always show up in activity feeds.  I personally feel that the 5 extra minutes that it takes to do this are beneficial for the people that you have featured.

Honey Dreams Etsy Treasury

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  1. Hi Katie,

    This was very informative..I didn’t know Etsy had a color picker!’s neat!
    BTW…you had advised that we shouldn’t use ourselves?…I noticed in the RED photo, one of your items are on there. I don’t know if you are already aware.

    1. Thanks Adrianna. I didn’t make that specific treasury. If you click on the links, they were not made by me. But thank you for looking out for me!

  2. Good reminder. I didn’t know that Etsy doesn’t want convo’s to shops featured in a treasury. Hmmm. I guess that could be mis-used. I will occasionally get a ‘sales pitch’ from a treasury notification.

  3. Great information! Thanks for including my sapphire treasury!

  4. great article Katie!

  5. Thorough, informative & interesting … as always!

  6. Thank you for saying our photos – thanks to the ever-fabulous Crystal Gayle Photography! – are awesome!

    And I LOVE the look of the new blog!!

    1. Thanks Patricia! I’m glad you stopped by and YES…your photos do ROCK! And YES, Crystal’s photography IS awesome.

  7. Very good explanation, Katie. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping Linda.

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