Build Your Brand with Clear Goals

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Build Your Brand with Your Goals by KatersAcres

Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres

Every Wednesday we bring you easy to follow, quick, solid tips to help your Build Your Brand and grow your business on Etsy.  For all of our fans and readers, we now offer you a direct email subscription straight to your inbox every week.  This week we are going back to basics with a simple reminder of your number one responsibility as an Etsy store owner: you need small business goals.

Build Your Brand with Your Goals by KatersAcres

For most Etsy sellers, when you begin on Etsy you have some kind of solidified ideas in your head of what you want to get or gain from your store.  Perhaps it’s to grow your business or get a sale…but what about your bigger small business goals?  Let’s be honest, no one on Etsy opens a store and says, “I don’t want to sell anything.”  So now that we all know that you want to sell something…you have to go back to basics to decide what your “real goals” are.


What is your overall goal?  I have already affirmed that everyone wants sales.  So since we know that already, what is your goal?  Perhaps it’s to get more custom orders, be positioned as a expert in your field, or even to startup a new website.  You need to have a goal.

A goal is something that is measurable.  If you can’t measure it, there’s no way to have known if you will reach it.  How will you know when you have established those goals?  If you are not excited about your goal, then it’s not the right goal for you…keep searching for a goal until you find one that makes you excited and gets you motivated.


Once you have your goal you need to decide what you will do in order to get there.  If your goal is to startup a new website then you need to outline the steps how to get there.  What will you do?  How will you do it?  How will you measure its success or failure?  This is the fun part!  This is when you get to be creative.  Take all that renewed energy you have from creating a goal that makes you jump for joy and pour it into a sustainable step-by-step plan to help you reach your small business goal.


Start with small goals and build into bigger ones.  Even the smallest of goals can bring you big success for your small business if you plan the details well.  So do yourself a favor…if you don’t have a goal, make one, plan it, and watch your store succeed with all your efforts.

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9 thoughts on “Build Your Brand with Clear Goals

  1. thank you for sharing your tips always appreciated!

  2. It is so easy to get caught up in working and doing to forget *why* we’re doing it. Thank you for such an awesome post!

  3. Definitely, food for thought. Katie, you’re always making me thing! “Oh, the pain!” LOL Keep ’em coming.

  4. Thank you !!! Perfect advices . I also subscribe to your tips. 😉
    That is so true, your goals is the beginning. 😉

  5. Great article, as always, Katie

  6. Great advice! Thank you!

  7. Unique Cozy Treasures – Thanks for the important info. I subscribed so as to get your weekly tips.

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