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Parker Gallery by KatersAcres

Parker Gallery by KatersAcres

A Polymer Clay Gallery

Though 80% of my polymer clay sculpting revolves around whimsical cute, fun, and colorful creations, I do make a lot of other clay items. This polymer clay gallery features much of my clay work that isn’t like what you’d “normally” expect from me. You see, I love trying new things, experimenting, & finding what I really like in polymer clay.  There are hundreds of techniques out there and (I believe) hundreds more yet to be discovered. The only way they will be discovered is if they are tried. Here are a few of my polymer clay projects … Thanks for stopping by!

Many of the polymer clay projects shown below have tutorials.

CLICK HERE to visit the Tutorials Directory

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Hawk or Pam
September 14, 2016

Hi Katie, I just want to Thank You for all you do. I cannot come to your website without leaving with a smile on my face, everyone is so jolly and happy. I do intend to start trying some of your tutorials, but it will have to wait a bit longer. Life sometimes gets in the way things sometimes. Your mind is just amazing and must be full of fantasy and love! Again, thank you for the smiles! *hugs* Hawk

September 15, 2016

Hi Hawk! That is such a LOVELY compliment. Thank you so much. I’m so glad that you come here and find joy! Visit anytime!

October 4, 2014

would love to see your tuts..Dorcie

October 6, 2014

You can see them & purchase them here Dorcie


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