Meet Blizzard the Polymer Clay Dragon

Posted on December 8, 2014 in Polymer Clay Dragons by Katie Oskin

Meet BlizzardBlizzard, Winter Series Polymer Clay Dragon by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Dragon

Blizzard’s Story

Blizzard-impLike many of the other dragons in the Magical Creature Containment Zone, Blizzard, is a very rare dragon. Blizzard appears very seldom. He always shows up after Snowflake, usually in the midst of a giant snowstorm! He loves to whirl, spin, & glide across hills & valleys, but especially in the tops of the mountains of Kater’s Acres. His favorite time is night. He loves to slip between the shadows and gather snowflakes all around him, perhaps that’s why there’s one on his belly.

How Blizzard Was Made

Adopt Me ButtonBlizzard is handmade in NW Pennsylvania, USA. He is sculpted by hand with polymer clay in custom color blends of a a dark navy blue with glitter, light blue, & white accents. Accents have been added with glitter, mica powders, and acrylic paints. This dragon is a limited edition, one of a kind (OOAK) dragon & will not be remade.

Where the Dragons Came From

One day while Parker was exploring Kater’s Acres, he found a wall of brick overgrown with moss deep within the Magical Forest. There was a bright yellow plaque behind the moss, but he couldn’t read what it said. As curious as ever, Parker took his hand and pushed back the moss to reveal a sign that read “Magical Creature Containment Zone.” Parker just knew he had to find out what laid behind that wall, waiting for him to find. As he searched and found each dragon, he gave them a quick kiss on their head, where a now permanent “Parker shaped spot” appears.

Parker Gallery by KatersAcres

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