Sculpting Club Offer – Special Offer for May 2017

Posted on May 4, 2017 in Offers by Katie Oskin

Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club

Special Sculpting Club Offer for May 2017

Parker's Clayful Tutorials Club | Whimsical Sculptures YOU Can Create!

Just for you, a special sculpting club offer for the end of May! This month will combine something many of you have been asking for: mixed media and sculpture. This month we are going to take a journey together through our Mythical Birds theme which includes: the Rain Bird, Phoenix, & Thunderbird! Now through the end of the month (May 31, 2017) you are eligible for a special Club offer.

Parker's Clayful Tutorials Club | Get 2 Polymer Clay PDF Projects a Month - CLICK to sign up

May 2017 Special Sculpting Club Offer

Polymer Clay RAIN BIRD Mixed Media Tutorial by KatersAcresThis special club offer won’t last long. From now until the end of the month (May 31, 2017) if you join Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club, you will get THREE tutorials instead of 2. That’s right: 3 full length PDF tutorials for just $9.95! The first tutorial of the month is this adorable Rain Bird. I bet you can’t guess how she’s made!

PHOENIX Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial by KatersAcresThis month’s tutorials are fun, whimsical, and will teach you something new, every time. Each tutorial is packed with tips, techniques, knowledge and experience to help build your sculpting skills. Come join us and get the mixed media & sculpture tutorials at a REALLY great price.

With Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club you get 2 full PDF tutorials a month (on the 1st & 3rd Mondays), plus a VIP shopping pass, and bonus tutorial on the 5th Mondays of the month.

Join the Club - BugVec $9.95 monthly


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