New Autumn Figurine: Leaf Pile Parker

Posted on September 22, 2014 in Parker by Katie Oskin

New Autumn Figurine

Leaf Pile Parker StoryBook Scene | Polymer Clay Autumn Figurine

Leaf Pile Parker

Parker’s Story

As we all know, Parker© loves the great outdoors. This fall he’s doing something he’s never done. As the leaves began to fall all around Parker’s house, he started to rake them all up. After spending all after noon raking up leaves, he needed a little break. As he was walking away from his pile of leaves, the wind picked up and as his foot touched the edge of the pile, a “woosh” took to leaves and sent a few spiraling in the air. Parker thought that looked like a lot of fun. As Parker walked away, he turned back and began to run! He ran toward the pile and then JUMPED, landing right in the middle. Leaves went everywhere! Parker had so much fun playing in the leaves…

How Parker Was Made

This is a brand new, handmade polymer clay figurine. This item was handmade with Premo polymer clays and handmade millefiori caned leaves. Acrylic paint, multi-faceted ultra fine glitter, & wire have been used to add details & effects to this scene. The highlight of this StoryBook Scene are the handmade leaves. Parker is a character that we have created from our sketch-pad to design to reality! All our OOAK items are signed by the artist on the bottom.
Adopt Me Secret Parker

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September 24, 2014

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September 24, 2014

Great Mary! Enjoy!


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