UV Reactive Polymer Clay Challenge

Posted on October 18, 2014 in Creative Prompts, Parker by Katie Oskin

UV Reactive Polymer Clay Challenge

By The Blue Bottle Tree

The Blue Bottle Tree’s Challenge

At the end of last month, Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree offered up a challenge to all her readers. She urged us to take matters into our own hands in making some UV Reactive Designs. Ginger is known for presenting her science based research into polymer clay designs, techniques, and more. At the end of Sept. 2014 she brought us something new. Did you know that polymer clay is UV reactive? (CLICK to read her post all about it) I didn’t! But then again, I don’t have a black light. Several days later she offered up a challenge for her readers to make their OWN UV reactive designs!

See All the Entries for the Challenge on Ginger’s Blog

My UV Reactive Designs

I was eager to try this from the beginning. There was only one problem. I didn’t have a black light. And even though I had 2 weeks to get one … I waited until the VERY LAST day! Oops! Sorry about that Ginger. That being said I made two different designs. One small and one a “regular” size … you’ll see what I mean.

X-Ray Parker

X-Ray Parker polymer clay figurine by KatersAcresX-Ray Parker polymer clay figurine by KatersAcresOut of Ginger’s Challenge, my “X-ray Parker” was born. Parker was made with Premo! clay in black and white. The idea is that (like an x-ray) you see 1/2 of Parker’s body in “bone” form. Cute huh?

The white clay was definitely UV reactive, even though it’s hard to tell in this picture. According to Ginger’s article, this means that it has “brighteners” in the clay.

Overall: I think Parker would have photographed better if he was more colorful. But I am happy with him. He’s going in my personal collection.

2D Silhouette Parker

2D Silhouette Parker Cameo by KatersAcres2D Silhouette Parker Cameo by KatersAcresThe second item I made for Ginger’s challenge used a gorgeous silverware metal bezel from B’Sue Boutiques. This item used both Premo! clay in Green, White, & Black. I didn’t want a flat Parker. I’ve made them before. But a 2D, side view … yep, that’d be cute. So … that’s what I did.

What surprised me here was that both the white and the green clays were UV reactive. I knew that the white clay would be, but I had no idea that the green clay would be as well.

Overall: I was surprised that the Premo! Green was UV reactive, but now that I know it, I can almost see it. It has that “blue” tint to it in normal light; a common side-effect of optical brighteners.

Thoughts on the Challenge

I had NO information or knowledge of optical brighteners prior to Ginger’s post, so I was very excited to try this. Be sure to visit Ginger’s Blog, The Blue Bottle Tree, and see all her hard work in the “polymer sciences!”

See All the Entries for the Challenge on Ginger’s Blog


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