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Katie Oskin of Kater's Acres

Katie Oskin, Polymer Clay Artist

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Katie Oskin lives in rural NW Pennsylvania with her husband, dog, & cat. She is best known for her whimsical designs and character creations with broad expressions, cheerful personalities, and squat-like features. Katie has been working with polymer clay since 2008 and has explored every technique published. While Katie’s first love is sculpting, she uses her sculpting as a multi-faceted tool to incorporating it into other work including mixed media.

She has been published in magazines, featured in blogs, and worked alongside many accomplished artists from around the globe. She has worked with polymer clay artists Christi Friesen in 2013 for The Friesen Project, Lisa Pavelka for the 2015 Pavelka Project. Additionally she has been a teacher for the 2015, 2016, & 2017  Polymer Clay Adventure. Katie is also a freelance designer & Design Squad Member (2015-2017) for Polyform. Katie is a current member of the IPCA.

The Schrumes© - GENE by Katie OskinWhile she loves all forms of polymer mediums, she is a passionate whimsical sculptor who specializes in caricature type faces, characters, & creatures. Each and ever character she creates has a backstory. These stories are what inspires her creations!

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Classes & Workshops

Polymer Clay Chinese Inspired Dragon by KatersAcresKatie Oskin is a polymer clay teacher teaching online, at workshops & events, and in her home studio in NW Pennsylvania. Feel free to contact Katie Oskin to book a class, email me to schedule a workshop in your area, or come work with me in my studio. Her most popularly booked workshops and classes include her impression of an articulated Chinese dragon which is approximately a 4 hour class.


Education & Work

Katie attended Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Religion. Katie felt the call of God upon her life and went on to graduate school to Ashland Theological Seminary to earn a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling. She then became an ordained minister through the American Baptist Churches USA and American Baptist Churches of Ohio. She is currently serving as the Associate Pastor of Hubbard First Baptist Church.

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  1. Just a short visit from Carrot Top . . thinking of you today.

    1. Thanks Daddy! Love you!

  2. Hi Katie. I just signed up for you’re emails. I came across you through Ginger Allman and your month long “studio” articles . I was wondering how you met her.

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks for coming over & joining me here. Ginger & I “met” online actually. I started to get to know her through several mutual polymer clay groups we are in. She’s a wonderful lady. I just love her to pieces!

  3. I have a cousin who is a missionary for the American Baptist Churches over in St. Petersburg, Russia. His name is Kevin Plaster and his wife Tammy is the principal of the international Christian school there.

    If you would like to know more, please message me and I will e-mail you one of his newsletters he sends out. I myself attend a independent Baptist Church here in Del City, Oklahoma as there aren’t many American Baptist churches here. When we lived in Amarillo, Texas back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, we attended Antioch Missionary Baptist Church there, which was affiliated with the American Baptist Churches. Anyway, I am also a polymer clay artist, focusing on jewelry and ornaments. My FaceBook name is Linda Alato Dyson. I have a couple of FaceBook pages, one is called Simply Susan’s Handmade Jewelry and the other is Dyson PolyClay Designs. Look me up and maybe we can encourage each other!

    1. Hey Linda! Nice to “meet” you. I removed the address information for your cousin to help protect him & the church. My prayers will be with him. Thank you for joining me here on the site!

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