Coffee Sculpting Club Theme for March!

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Coffee Pot by Kater's Acres

Coffee seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate. You are either a coffee person or your aren’t. But this month, the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club is going on a fun little adventure with Coffee themed tutorials!

This month Club Members are turning into one-time java junkies for a jolt of a caffeinated surprise. This is an extra big month loaded with extra bonus content and even a kitchen recipe card for those of us who can’t get enough of that morning pick me up.

Caffeinated Coffee Frenzy!

As so many people know, I love coffee! I love it hot in the colder months and every morning in my earthen-ware mugs. And I love it iced with some cold milk in the summertime on my porch. I’ve long been a lover of the bean. From its dark, rich, almost bitter taste to its bold aroma … MMMmmmm! So this month we’re exploring that wonderful drink with a smorgasbord of fun tutorials, worksheets, and projects you’re sure to love. So let’s do some coffee sculpting, shall we? Monica Rice is even bringing us a fun Mixed Media Button Project that you can use the techniques and skills from to build your own fun projects for years to come. Not only that, but this month’s supplies coordinate perfectly with this month’s theme and can be used again over and over as their neutral palette coordinates with a wide variety of themes.

This month there are a few new products for you to explore and help create your Coffee themed pieces.

March Coffee Products

Club Offerings

This month Club Members are having a great time creating Coffee inspired creations to fill their homes, kitchens, and to give & gift to friends and family. This month is packed with java filled content! Including 2 tutorials, 2 worksheets, 1 Color Recipe, 1 Kitchen Recipe, 1 Clay Tip, a LIVE Video, & a giveaway.

Thanks for joining me today. Sculpt Your Dreams!


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