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Polymer Clay Pens by Sarah Flagg of LuckyDuckyPens

Polymer Clay Pens Etsy Store,

Meet Sarah Flagg

One of the things that I love doing is supporting other polymer clay artists. Whether it’s purchasing their books, tutorials, or products … I love supporting handmade. One of my most frequent purchases on Etsy is polymer clay pens. I have bought from different stores all over Etsy, supporting other handmade artisans. But there are only a few who I find laughter, joy, & a smile upon shopping with them & receiving their package. One look in Sarah’s store and you’ll see what I mean. Sarah is our featured artist for the month of September. Welcome Sarah, it’s nice to have you today!

Tell Us About Yourself

Polymer Clay Pens by Sarah Flagg of LuckyDuckyPensHi, my name is Sarah and I own the shop LuckyDuckyPens on Etsy. I live in Maryland with my husband, two kids and numerous pets. I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life, except for college. (Go Penn State!) I have degrees in Microbiology and Business Administration, but have always enjoyed arts and crafts. I love to sew, paint, crochet, draw and clay, of course! I could spend an entire day just wandering around Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I love to learn new things and look online for ideas.

After a long day at work I find it relaxing to create with clay. I consider that time ‘creative therapy’.

Why Did you Decide to Open an Etsy Store?

Last summer I was looking for an activity that I could share with my daughter.  Since we both love making pens we decided to open a store on Etsy.  Both of us made the pens and worked on descriptions that sometimes took a little research.  Yes, this is how I snuck in some summer learning.  🙂

What Makes Your Store Unique?

When we first opened our shop we only offered pens with basic clay designs.  Most of these designs came about from trial and error.  That’s actually what I find so wonderful about polymer clay.  Even a mistake can lead to something really beautiful.  I love the way clay mixes in 3 dimensions to create unique designs in 2 dimensions.  Our pens were retractable, which made them different from a lot of the other clay pens on Etsy, but business was slow.  I saw a lot of cool pens for sale that had details that were sculpted. However, one thing that I liked about our pens was that they were basic pens.  They weren’t awkward to hold and I didn’t worry about details breaking off.  I got the idea to make a flamingo pen.  After many attempts I was able to create one that was good enough to list.  That led to experimenting with other designs like turtles, fish and Dala horses.  All of these designs can be placed on a pen, but the basic shape of the pen is always the same.

Where Do You Get Ideas From?

Most of my pen ideas come from my life experiences or my daughter who loves animals.  I grew up playing with Dala horses. I love to hike, especially on the Appalachian Trail.  I make pens that we love and hope that others will appreciate them too.  I also get suggestions from customers.  ‘When Pigs Fly’ was a suggestion from a customer and it has turned into one of my favorite pens.

What Are Your Favorite Pens to Make?

Although I still do make pens with just basic designs, my favorites have animals and fish.  When I see a pen with a happy little face it makes me smile.  I like to incorporate designs within these pens too.  Lots of ombre shading, striations and swirls add details that I think make our pens special.  They may take longer to make, but I think they’re worth it.

Featured Item “Koi Pond” Polymer Clay Pen

The Koi Pond pen is an eye-catching pen which has evolved quite a bit since I first started making them.  When we moved into our house there was a beautiful koi pond with water lilies.  It was a great place to relax and enjoy nature.  Unfortunately, a heron discovered our pond and ate all of our fish.  We tried restocking it several times, but it was a losing battle.  We have since filled the pond in and I really miss it.  I first started making pens with just water lilies.  Later I added the Koi, dragon flies and now mushroom on the bank.  All of these elements together make a very pretty and interesting pen.

This pen is gorgeous! I actually have one! ~Katie, KatersAcres

Do You Take Any Custom Orders?

I do accept custom orders, but it depends on how busy my day job is.  If I’m given enough notice I can usually accept an order.  I will never accept an order that I don’t think I can finish on time.  I send pictures and updates until the project is done and I only list an order when it is ready to ship.

Special Offer From Sarah

We would like to offer a 15% discount off your purchase from LuckyDuckyPens when you use the coupon code FEATURE15. This coupon is good through September 30th.  

Find Sarah Here on Etsy

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  1. Katie, thank you so much for the feature! Working with clay is such a joy and I feel honored that you’ve allowed me to share my creations with so many. I feel like a real Lucky Ducky!

    1. It’s a pleasure to have you Sarah! Thanks for being willing to be featured.

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