Polymer Clay Designs from a Weekend with Christi Friesen

Posted on May 21, 2014 in 2013 Friesen Project, Work In Progress by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Creations

Christi Friesen & Katie Oskin

Here’s a little gallery of my polymer creations, as well as the creations of other artists who joined us for a weekend in Ohio with Christi Friesen, hosted by B’Sue Boutiques.

KatersAcres Polymer Clay Creations During the Christi Friesen Clay-a-thon Weekend in Ohio in May 2014

My Creations

KatersAcres Polymer Clay Creations During the Christi Friesen Clay-a-thon Weekend in Ohio in May 2014Here’s a few of the things that I created on my weekend with Christi Friesen. The picture above shows all of the creations I made. The pictures to the left are my favorite pieces of the week. And the picture below is my favorite creation, “The Great Stone Lion.”

The Great Stone Lion

"The Great Stone Lion" by KatersAcres

“The Great Stone Lion” by KatersAcres

“The Great Stone Lion” was found deep in the Amazon jungle.  He was carved from the surface of a mountain hundreds of years ago by tribal people. As the years passed and people forgot about him, he became overgrown with leaves, vines, & even some banana flowers.

My Mom’s Creations

Katie Oskin of KatersAcres and her Mom, Diane Dillon

This was a special event for me because I got to share it with the most important woman in my life, my Mom.

Polymer Clay Creations by Diane Dillon

Artist: Diane Dillon

She never sat & played with clay before, so this was her very first time getting her hands busy working with polymer. I’ll be honest, my stuff didn’t look this good the first time I played with polymer. You can tell she really like the polymer stained glass project, perhaps it was because she worked with stained glass and made huge windows & designs for over 20 years … her love of it is shown in her little flower-scapes.

Join in the Christi Friesen Fun

Now at ANY time of the year, you can join in the Christi Friesen fun. In 2013 I worked with Christi Friesen to collaborate on a year long project of creating. If you were unable to join us the first time around, join us now! Clay along at your own pace. Every week you will get an assignment in your email. Click the link, get the book, check the tutorial, & add your creation to the Friesen Project Gallery!

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May 23, 2014

What an awesome blog set-up you have, Katie! I enjoyed reading all about the awesome weekend with Christi. Thanks for sharing! :*

May 23, 2014

That’s so sweet. Thanks Catherine! I’ve worked hard at it the past several years. It was a great weekend, definitely a memorable one.


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