How to Spring Clean Your Studio Easily & Efficiently

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How to Spring Clean Your Studio by KatersAcres

Spring clean your studio easily, quickly, and efficiently. These tried and true tips that will take you from danger zone to comfort zone in less than 30 minutes. The arrival of spring not only makes me want to clay my days away, but it also makes me want to clean! It’s not secret that I can’t clean in a mess. I’ve written many times about how I LOVE a very clean studio. Unlike many other artists, I crave a clean and tidy workspace. [It’s okay, you can laugh.] I do know that I’m not the only artist that is like this. I have written articles on this blog before about how you can clean up your studio, but today I’m talking about the BIG clean up (almost like a purge) that you really should do every spring.

There are a few main things that you need to learn and understand about spring cleaning your studio. If you want to read and learn them all however, you’ll have to head over to Polyform. All month I’m joining them there as their blog writer. I’ve been conducting a survey over the past several weeks and much of the feedback you’ve been giving me is that what you want more of is that basics including organization, helpful tips, and things that EVERYONE of every clay discipline can use. Today’s article on Polyform is jam packed full of helpful hints on how you can better organize, clean, and get your studio ready for a successful Spring and Summer creative season.


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