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Posted on February 17, 2016 in Polymer Clay by Katie Oskin

Parker’s Polymer Clay Tribe

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Have you heard what’s going on over at FaceBook? If you’re not part of KatersAcres free email [sign up here], then you may not know about this exciting FREE adventure … Parker’s Clay Tribe. Last month I introduced our happy little group in this post, be sure to read more details about us there.

What’s Going On at Parker’s Clay Tribe

January “Stars” Swap

SWAPS - January

Starfish Pendant by Laurie DeMers Grassel for January Tribal Swap

Starfish Pendant by Laurie DeMers Grassel for January Tribal Swap, sent to Katie Oskin

This monthly post will highlight some of the things that have been going on in our Tribal community. Perhaps the biggest thing (since the last post) is that our first ever Tribal Swap was well received and so much fun that even MORE people signed up for the February Swap. I like having big open ended swaps. This allows people to be free to create with their creative expression and to allow the creativity to flow where they are already comfortable.

Swap partners for February have already been assigned. eMails were sent to members who are participating yesterday. Please remember that your swap MUST be mailed by February 29th.

Mask Challenge

Parker's Clay Tribe CHALLENGE - Design Your Own Polymer Clay Mask | Designs due to FaceBook Group Feb. 29th, 2016There are only 12 days left to enter the Mask Challenge. If you are a Tribe member and have not yet made a mask and entered it, what are you waiting for. You truly have nothing to lose and I guarantee you’ll learn something along the way.

Tribe Member’s Studios

Polymer Clay Studio Station of Amy Scanlon

One of the fun aspects of belonging to a group of like-minded people is that you get to share what matters to you. In our group we have a fun album where you can share your studio photos. Be sure to come see where our Tribettes are working by going through this album. Amy Scanlon uses this cute as a button area to do her work at. Isn’t it just so sweet?!

Work In Progress Photos

Virginia Bridges Michelini and her WIP photos

Virginia Bridges Michelini and her WIP photos

One of my favorite aspects of the group is seeing what others are working on. This adorable little dragon & kitty were a WIP several weeks ago from Virginia Bridges Michelini. Virginia took a retreat class with me last spring and learned how to make this little fellow and I think she did a phenomenal job! That hour glass was awaiting another special project by Teresa Pandora Salgado, another Tribe Member and teacher. You can make a dragon similar to Virginia’s using this tutorial.

Flowers by Eden Moore

Flowers by Eden Moore

There are several very talented caners in the Tribe. This week, Eden Moore shared with us some of the canes she’s been working on. Check out these gorgeous flowers she assembled using her canes.

If you are a Tribe Member be sure to post your work in progress (WIP) photos for a chance to be featured here as well. You can post your WIP photos any day of the week, it doesn’t have to be just on Wednesdays.

Want to Know More?

Watch this little video below and see what the Tribe is all about. Remember, it’s completely FREE. Don’t hesitate to come on over and join us.

Parker’s Clay Tribe is a FREE FaceBook Group that is dedicated to sharing our love of polymer clay.

Parker’s Clay Tribe is sponsored by Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Club


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Virginia Michelini
February 18, 2016

Thanks, Katie, for including my WIP. I completedour jointed dragon which turned out so cute! The cat is complete as well but hour glass is still work in progress.

February 19, 2016

You’re very welcome Virginia. Thank you for being a lively and active part of the Tribe!

Amy Scanlon
February 17, 2016

I just started with polymer clay on January 1st & I quickly learned how awesome the clay community is! Everybody is so sweet & helpful. I love being a part of it. Thanks to everyone for the support!


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