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Having a Color Palette is Essential to an Artist by KatersAcres

Having a Color Palette is Essential to an Artist by KatersAcres

Color Palette Ideas

It really helps to create something beautiful when you have a general sense of color.  Not everyone is born with this knowledge or we could very easily all be distinguished artists.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I pick colors because they look really good together. But for me, this doesn’t happen often.  I love polymer clay dearly, but I love even more to make it my own by blending colors, creating tones, complimentary colors, triadic colors, and even colors just because.  But not everyone is a color palette expert and often finding the right color combinations can be equally as tricky.  So what do you do when you aren’t color savvy?

Color Wheel by the Color Wheel Company1) Don’t Panic

The first thing that you need to do is not to panic.  You can easily help decide colors, create palettes, and come up with ideas you’ve never thought of using a color wheel.  This is the color wheel that I have.  I love it because it easily & quickly shows me color combinations.  Some are likely ones that I would never have thought of too!  My wheel has two sides one with all the colors and a quick (dummy proof) guide to creating darker & lighter colors in the same color family.

Color Palette for KatersAcres Clay2) Take a Picture

When in doubt, take a picture!  There are many times that I take a picture of the current palette that I’m working on.  This particular color palette pictured at left received a lot of attention on FaceBook when I asked what I could possibly be creating with this palette.  I was shocked that no sooner had I posted this than several people answered.  I find it interesting that our brains are programmed a certain way.  I posted this photo on Facebook at the beginning of August, in less than 6 hours the correct answer to what I was creating with this palette came…A Halloween Parker.  Isn’t it funny that images of orange, purple, green, and black instantly remind us of Halloween?


KatersAcres Parker StoryBook Scene Web Generated Color Palette3) Run to the Internet

But there’s something else that you might want to consider as well.  You saw my picture at the beginning with Parker and his color palette, right?  If not, please go check now…..ok.  Now here’s what’s interesting.  I can take a photo of anything on the web and instantly create a color palette for it.  There’s an awesome site online that will generate a color palette for you from your given image…that’s right, any image.  It’s an automatic color palette picker!


KatersAcres Color Palette Sample from Flickr4) Find an Idea

What this website gives you is something that looks identical to the photo at the left.  While the colors it gives you are similar to the ones in your photographs I love that it gives you a color palette…perhaps one you’d never come up with on your own.  Often if I see a picture I like or a photograph of scenery that is just gorgeous, I can go to this website, put in the URL for the photograph and get a gorgeous color palette and a basis for starting a new project.  Where do you think I got this color palette from (the one at the left)?  That’s right, from a photo of an old barn, farm, & hay bales in the fall.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info on the 2 sites. I am often color handi-capped.

  2. I find that the best color palette website to use is
    Go to “tools” and pick the “Photocopia” section. It allows you to also add any photo, once uploaded, you will an array of colors from your photo pop up. Then you can make any color combo you like then save it.


    1. Thank you Adrianna! I hadn’t heard of that one. I will go check it out.

  3. I love that website Katie! The generator one. What fun!

    1. Thank you Libbi! I think it’s great too. Especially when I’ve found a photo or landscape and I think…”OH! Now that’s pretty!” I can go and get the colors.

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