The Flight of the Macaws

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This month I wanted to try and do something new, fun, & different. Every once in a while I get so inspired by photos I take in nature that I feel the need to try my hand at making my own. This month, that’s exactly what happened. Last fall I went on vacation and saw a gorgeous display of tropical Macaws at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I was even quick enough to capture a perfect photo of multiple birds of paradise in flight. This whole month’s tutorials for Club Members are based around this photo.

Parker & Lolly Joined the Fun

Macaw Parker & Lolly Series by Kater's Acres

This month there’s also a huge range of Parker’s and Lolly’s that have joined in the fun. They are dressed as their own versions of Macaws and are having a jolly good time celebrating. As a bonus this month, every Parker comes with a handmade Tropical Mask! With the pandemic still making its way around the world, why not send a little fun with Parker?

Club Offerings

Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials CLUB - Macaws - May 2020 PREMIUM

Even the Sculpting Clubs are dipping their toes into the Macaw & tropical sculpting fun this month. There’s a variety of techniques, designs, worksheets and a video; this month is packed with juicy content! And because I want to make sure everyone benefits and everyone can have the opportunity to learn and afford to join, there’s even a price break this month too. So … what do you have to lose? Come and join us!

Tropical Macaws All Month Long


No matter where you look around Kater’s Acres, there’s a flight of Macaws waiting for you. From projects, adoptables, and a huge range of supplies; there’s really something for everyone.


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