March Featured Tutorials

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Tutorials of the Month - March 2020 from Kater's Acres | Review and Links

Every month we feature one or more tutorials. Our March featured tutorials are a fun holiday edition! These tutorials vary every month and are not repeated during the entire calendar year. This is a great way to get an overview of what whimsical and character sculpting is all about, as well as how to make and create designs yourself.

This month, Club Members are working on their St. Patrick’s Day tutorials and projects. These project are fun and festive to suit this month’s holiday. Because of the holiday, I thought it would be a great time to feature a few other holiday projects as well. Our March featured tutorials are a fun holiday addition to your growing tutorial collection, I mean instructions.

Christmas Themed Tutorials

Christmas Shelf Edgers Polymer Clay Tutorial

I really enjoyed making these little guys. They are very different and fun as they are made from a “shelf edge” perspective. This means that you aren’t making an entire figurine, but rather just a portion of it. As with all my tutorials, I walk you through the steps and give you tips on making facial features that are pleasing when looking at them point blank from the nose view.

Christmas Moose Polymer Clay Tutorial

This tutorial isn’t so much for a Christmas Moose as much as it is for just the Moose figurine itself [and yes that’s in the tutorial description, silly goose]. But this Moose tutorial not only shows you how to give your moose abundant personality, but it will also show you how to make those complex antlers without drooping or disappointment.

Halloween Themed Tutorials

Cute, Not Scary Monster – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Not to let Christmas outdo any other holiday (although sometimes it seems like it always wins), this Monster Tutorial is right up many people’s alley. I don’t tend to do much around my house at Halloween. Halloween tends to be too much of a fright-fest for me. I prefer all my things cute and cuddly. [I bet you never guessed that. LOL.] This cute, but not scary Monster is a perfect blend of my type of Halloween decor. He combines different aspects of sculpting, including how to fix a mistake when you’ve *really* messed up!

Get more holiday themed tutorials in the Tutorial Shop.

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