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Polymer Clay Face Rock by Kater's Acres

Rock-Tober is here! If you and your sculpting ideas have hit rock bottom, there’s no need to worry because this month we’ve got you covered. Here’s some concrete evidence that this month’s projects will help you be boulder in your creativity. Learn my secrets, tricks, and insightful tips to make you a better whimsical sculptor.


If you like rocks, stones, or semi-precious creations then this month is just for you. This month, they are the sole focus of our theme here in the Sculpting Club too.

This month there are a few new products for you to explore and help create your ROCK themed pieces.

Club Offerings

This month the Sculpting Clubs are dipping their toes into this ROCK-tastic month. From faces, faces, and something to look at yourself in! And because I want to make sure everyone benefits and everyone can have the opportunity to learn and afford to join, there’s even a price break through the end of the year on all Club Memberships.

Thanks for joining me today. Sculpt Your Dreams!


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