Arctic Blast Into the New Year!

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Arctic Girl Hugging Husky Dog by Katie Oskin of Kater's Acres
Arctic Girl holding her Husky Dog by Katie Oskin

As we parade off into an entire New Year (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to say goodbye to 2020) we’re starting things off right with an entirely new Club platform! It’s been a while since the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club got an overhaul and got some spunk and pizazz added to it.

This month Club Members are in for a chilly surprise as we take a ride through the Arctic Blast! This month we’re continuing our whimsical sculpting journey and we’re making a Puffin, Husky Dog, & a cute Arctic Girl in her snow gear. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and join us for the ride too.

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Polymer Clay Face Rock by Kater's Acres

Rock-Tober is here! If you and your sculpting ideas have hit rock bottom, there’s no need to worry because this month we’ve got you covered. Here’s some concrete evidence that this month’s projects will help you be boulder in your creativity. Learn my secrets, tricks, and insightful tips to make you a better whimsical sculptor.

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Sunflowers of Fall

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Polymer Clay SUNFLOWER WALL HANGING by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres
Variegated Sunflowers by Katie Oskin

There’s something special about seeing Sunflowers start to bloom. Here in NE Ohio, when they start to show their gorgeous colors it can only mean one thing … fall is on its way!

I love sunflowers, for their bold and vibrant fall hues and for the way they look up at the sky both innocently and sweetly. I love them for their variety of size and color. I love them for the way they herald in a misty fall morning, say goodnight on a crisp cool evening, or welcome me into a fall harvest festival.

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Carousel Magnificence

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Full Sized Carousel Horse from Kater's Acres
Carousel Stained Glass Window by my Mom, Diane Dillon
Carousel Stained Glass Window by my Mom, Diane Dillon

In some of my YouTube videos (or here on the blog) you’ve probably heard me talk about one of my best friends, my Mom. She’s an artist of many talents. As a child, I grew up with her having a huge talent as a Stained Glass artist. She had a huge workshop in our home, a large number of clients, and even taught lessons.

Over the years I had many favorite pieces that she made, but one of my very favorites was this Carousel Horse. My Dad, an engineer by trade, always hand drew all of her patterns for her. This meant that every single window was customized for all of her clients and perfectly made to order. This particular window was made for her best friend’s home. Even though Mom would make several different versions of this horse, this one was always one of my favorites. This whole month’s tutorials for Club Members are based around the nostalgia of the Carousel.

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The Flight of the Macaws

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This month I wanted to try and do something new, fun, & different. Every once in a while I get so inspired by photos I take in nature that I feel the need to try my hand at making my own. This month, that’s exactly what happened. Last fall I went on vacation and saw a gorgeous display of tropical Macaws at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I was even quick enough to capture a perfect photo of multiple birds of paradise in flight. This whole month’s tutorials for Club Members are based around this photo.

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Springtime in Paris

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French Parker with Eiffel Tower by KatersAcres

With the shock of the pandemic and coronavirus making its way around the globe, most of the world is stuck ‘sheltering in place.’ Here in the United States, this means most of us are only allowed away from our homes for essential needs unless your job is deemed necessary and essential by your state. With so much sadness, stress, and unrest, I thought this month would be best served if we all just took a vacation! But since we can’t really do that, let’s take a virtual one … to Paris!

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