DIY Book of Polymer Clay Color Recipes

DIY Polymer Clay Color Recipe Book Project | Make your own book of color for your #polymerclay recipes

Here’s a Simple & Fun Way to Make Your Own

Polymer Clay Color Recipes

After gathering several of my polymer clay color recipes (you can see them all here), one of my readers asked me how I kept those color recipes. So today, I thought I would take a moment and show you my system for keeping my colors. Please know that there are literally dozens of ways you can do this. I have chosen to organize my colors this way because it is the most helpful and useful to me. Feel free to use some, parts, or all of these ideas to make your own polymer clay color recipe book.

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Faux Jade Polymer Clay Color Recipe

Polymer Clay Color Recipe for Faux Jade


Then it Came to Me … Faux Jade

Old Man 2D Face Sculpture in Polymer Clay by KatersAcresYesterday I shared with you what I had been working on in my studio. One of those things was an “Old Man Face” for a challenge for a FaceBook group I participate in. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this Old Man yet, so I let him sit (for about a week) and kept staring at him while I worked.  Finally I started asking in FaceBook Groups what people thought I should do with him. Overwhelmingly, many people thought he looked rather Asian … that was not my intent, but okay. I decided to run with it!

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Polymer Clay Color Recipe: Ruby Slippers

Polymer Clay Color Recipe for Ruby Slippers by KatersAcres | Find Out How to Make This Unique Color

Custom Blended Colors

Not often do I find myself repeating colors. Why? I like the “surprise” I get when I put new colors together. Sitting next to my marble work tile is a small little spiral bound notebook. I use this to jot down quick ideas or colors used for a new blend. I do this so that if I do create a color I want to repeat later, I can do it with ease.  I didn’t learn to do this until after I had made the most gorgeous color imaginable and couldn’t reproduce it … because I had no idea what I put in it. *Sigh*

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Free Polymer Clay Recipe Cards

FREE Polymer Clay Recipe Card by KatersAcres | FREE Printable Blank Clay Recipe Cards

You know what I love? Free stuff. Know what? I bet you do too!

I love making polymer clay color recipes. In fact, I love them so much that I have a bunch of them right here on the site that you can enjoy, duplicate, and use in your own creations. Feel free to share these with other polymer clay artists. And don’t forget to print them out to keep in your studio too.

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Premo Polymer Clay Recipe for Rose Gold

Rose Gold Color Recipe by KatersAcres

Many polymer artists, especially those who are making series or duplicates of items, rely on color recipes to make uniform pieces.  For those of you who have been with me for awhile now, you know that I rarely use recipes. Why? Because I like that all my pieces are different in color, that I don’t repeat colors, and that nothing I make is ever identical. To me it adds to the special nature of my sculptures. But I’m not the norm when it comes to polymer artists.

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