Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Coronavirus Relief Parker by Kater's Acres - COVID-19 Charity Parker

Where there is a need, rise to it.

The quote above was said to me by someone I care about very much. And they challenged me with it at a very challenging point in my life. They used it to help me see the difficulty and circumstances in others and to help me reshape my focus. Need is all around us, but you have to first be able to see the need in order to be able to help those who need it.

As Pastors (read more about that here) my husband and I always try to do our best to reach out and help others. Even Kater’s Acres tries to help, give, and support others and their causes as well. This is exactly how the CFRainbowTree got its start. Once again, we are convicted to help others in their time of need; because “where there is a need, rise to it.”

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