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Posted on April 20, 2016 in Polymer Clay by Katie Oskin

Parker’s Polymer Clay Tribe

A FREE FaceBook Community


Have you heard what’s going on over at FaceBook? If you’re not part of KatersAcres free email [sign up here], then you may not know about this exciting FREE adventure … Parker’s Clay Tribe. Not familiar with the Tribal fun? I introduced our happy little group in this post, be sure to read more details about us there. You can also read last month’s tribal update here.

What’s Going On at Parker’s Clay Tribe

March “Butterflies” Swap

Parker's Clay Tribe March SwapsThis monthly post will highlight some of the things that have been going on in our Tribal community. Our third swap was well received with a lot of great participation. Like previous months, our swap theme was a nice open ended them, “Butterflies.” Having a more open ended theme allows people to be free to create with their creative expression and to allow the creativity to flow where they are already comfortable. Looks at these awesome butterfly wing canes that Denise Osborne sent to Elfie Shotts.

Swap partners for April have already been assigned. eMails were sent to members who are participating earlier in the week. Please remember that your swap MUST be mailed by April 30th, 2016.

Fairy Door Challenge!

Parker's Clay Tribe CHALLENGE - Design Your Own Polymer Clay Fairy Door | Designs due to FaceBook Group April 30, 2016Our first challenge was a huge success. We’re hoping for more fun & adventure from this month’s challenge, Fairy Doors. [See the rules here] You have until April 30th to finish your doors. Be sure to upload your photos of your finished Fairy Doors here.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER From Mask Challenge

Jennifer Stedman Gryphon Mask made from Polymer Clay

Grand Prize Winner Jennifer Stedman’s Gryphon Mask

Our grand prize winner was Jennifer S. D. Stedman for her gorgeous gryphon mask. Jennifer has an Etsy store, Hawk Eye Masks, devoted to making polymer clay masks that you can wear. [Read her interview here]

Tribe Member’s Studios

One of the fun aspects of belonging to a group of like-minded people is that you get to share what matters to you. In our group we have a fun album where you can share your studio photos. Be sure to come see where our Tribettes are working by going through this album.

Orly Fuchs Galchen's Polymer Clay Studio

Orly Fuchs Galchen’s Polymer Clay Studio

If you are familiar with Orly Fuchs Galchen you will appreciate seeing a glimpse of her workspace. Look at this gorgeous natural light from the window. And all those makeup palettes she uses to colorize her clay. [Read The Blue Bottle Tree’s “Using Eye Shadow with Polymer Clay“.]

Work In Progress Photos

Betsy Strebe’s Work In Progress Vase with Flowers

I have always been attracted to flowers, especially polymer clay flowers. Living in the woods, we have a lot of shade and not a lot of sun. This means that flower don’t grow as I would like them too. Seeing this vase filled with flowers from Betsy Strebe made me want to run down and make flowers, right … now! Visit her blog to see more of her work in progress on this as well as her final result.

Katie Dietrich’s adorable chubby owls

This finished work in progress, an adorable little chubby owl was made by Katie Dietrich and shared with tribe-mates. Owls are very popular and loved by many. If you’re feeling a little creatively dry, try making your own owl. [Free tutorial here]

If you are a Tribe Member be sure to post your work in progress (WIP) photos for a chance to be featured here as well. You can post your WIP photos any day of the week, it doesn’t have to be just on Wednesdays.

Polymer Clay Humor

Polymer Clay Meem from Queen City Clayers

This past week Queen City Clayers shared this hilarious meem … It’s been making its rounds and dare I say we can all relate. And for those of you with raised eyebrows, that’s not really an exaggeration at all.

Want to Know More?

Watch this little video below and see what the Tribe is all about. Remember, it’s completely FREE. Don’t hesitate to come on over and join us.

Parker’s Clay Tribe is a FREE FaceBook Group that is dedicated to sharing our love of polymer clay.

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