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28 thoughts on “FREE Polymer Clay eMail

  1. I’m a beginner at clay. I love seeing the items you make. I would love to learn how to create.

    1. Welcome Linda! There’s lots around the Acres to help you, including a Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club! You’re all signed up for the emails!

  2. Thanks for having me! I am a new poly clay gal,, and looking for a great magenta, however, I think i found it with your ruby red slippers! So excited, can’t wait to try it, Thanks


    1. Wonderful! I’m so glad you’re going to try it. I hope it works out perfectly. There are SO many more recipes to try here on the site if you like that one too. Enjoy.

  3. I would love to subscribe, but one question. My grandkids 6 and 8 come over when I am doing clay and I am wondering if I can do your projects with them if they ask. I don’t want to break any rules.

    1. Absolutely. No problems sharing with your grandkids. Enjoy the projects!

  4. hi, i want to learn how to create keychain from a polymer clay , what are the tools needed, and how to start it . thanks

    1. There are over 250 free tutorials here on the sight to get you started with polymer quickly. If you type “keychain” into the search bar there is one specific keychain project as well. In addition, if you sign up for the free email you can also learn a lot more too. This is the best way to get started. There is also a free downloads section here:

  5. I’m new to polymer clay. I’m interested in painting or making a “painting” with Polymer Clay.

    1. Sounds great! Polymer clay is the most versatile art medium around.

  6. Hello,
    I just watched your great tutorial on B’sue Boutiques. So much fun stuff that you are sharing.
    I was wondering if your email is free? You say I can unsubsripe any time and that is usually a sign that it costs something.
    Let me know.
    thank you,

    1. Hi Diana,
      Thanks for asking. The Polymer Notebook is a FREE email. Legally I have to let you know that you can “unsubscribe” at any time. A link is in the bottom of each & every email. It is a free subscription.

  7. I got it. Thank you!

  8. I can’t find the free ebook!

    1. You must confirm your email subscription. Once you do that you will be sent a link to get the eBook. If you don’t confirm your subscription, you don’t get the eBook.

  9. Katie I love your tutorials . You expalin things not making it boring, and you have a knack for really connecting with me any how. Some tutors don’t, so I am grateful. I am having a problem with my things being baked in cornstarch being broken trying toget the constarch off. Do you have any suggestions. I really need to figure this one out, but I m so new to clay that I can’t get a solution because I am still learning the medium? Can You help?

    Gratefully yours,


    1. Hi Rose,
      If your things are breaking that easily they are most likely not being baked long enough. Try to bake them two or three times as long and see if that helps.

  10. Seems Ive already said the above.Must be getting old cause I dont remember posting it, Meredith

  11. Hi Katie,
    Cant wait to start using your tutes. Am in the process of packing and moving so I dont think I will have much time for the next 2 weeks, but there is always late night work.cHEERS Meredith

    1. I really enjoy late night claying … so of my best and most productive work hours are the LATE hours of the night.

  12. Please send me your newsletters!

    1. You’re already on the list Sandra. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Hi Katie
    I am already signed up to your e-mails. Do I need to do this again? Also I cannot see the box on the top right to fill my details should I need to do so.

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate it. And yes, you should already be getting my emails. If not, just add your email in the box at the top right. It’s there now. Previously there was actually an error on my page that I didn’t catch. It’s all fixed & the box is back now!
      Thank you! ~Katie

  14. Please send me your newsletters. Thanks!

    1. Katy – Please subscribe by filling in the box at the top right. You will be added to the list automatically by doing so.

  15. I am always trying to learn more , i love working with clay . tried some of the homemade clay recipes don’t see how any of them work to make good beads, If you have any ideas on that i would appreciate them, Thank you

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I’m so glad that you are so eager to learn new things & try new techniques. The creative spirit is an important part of who we are as people. I have little I can offer you in ways of “help” on this particular topic as I have not made any beads from homemade clays. I know that the best & strongest beads will be made with REAL polymer clay and not a homemade version. The homemade versions tend to dry out & crumble, not holding up to daily wear & tear. I hope this is helpful to you.

      Thanks for joining me,

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