Winter Snow Storm – Premo Color Recipe

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Winter Snow Storm Polymer Clay Color Recipe

I’ve written color recipes for polymer clay for a long time here on the blog. I use mostly Premo polymer clay in my studio, so I specifically write recipes for Premo polymer clay. All polymer clay artists have favorite color recipes or colors that they turn to and mix up often. I’ve whipped this color up many times in my studio as it’s a nice, deep, could quasi-purple-blue that will make heads turn. I hope you enjoy it and use it often.

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Monica Rice from Coloratura Creations

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Monica Rice, Vintage Button Artist

Today I would like to introduce you to my friend Monica Rice. You’re probably already familiar with her if you’ve been around the Acres for any amount of time. Monica is my helper, assistant, and friend. Monica is absolutely head over heels in love with buttons and that love of buttons spills over into all kinds of work for her, from jewelry to canvases, polymer clay to housewarming gifts. I can’t wait for you to meet her…

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Arctic Blast Into the New Year!

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Arctic Girl Hugging Husky Dog by Katie Oskin of Kater's Acres
Arctic Girl holding her Husky Dog by Katie Oskin

As we parade off into an entire New Year (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to say goodbye to 2020) we’re starting things off right with an entirely new Club platform! It’s been a while since the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club got an overhaul and got some spunk and pizazz added to it.

This month Club Members are in for a chilly surprise as we take a ride through the Arctic Blast! This month we’re continuing our whimsical sculpting journey and we’re making a Puffin, Husky Dog, & a cute Arctic Girl in her snow gear. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and join us for the ride too.

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Jayne Dwyer from Paper Moon Jewelry – Polymer Clay Millefiori Picture Caner

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Jayne Dwyer Header

Jayne has been around the polymer clay world for quite some time. Her work is fun, has a touch of whimsy, is intricate in her detailed expressions of animals and critters inside her canes … and let’s be honest, it’s just plain gorgeous. I’m blessed to own several pairs of Jayne’s earrings and a brooch and wear each with pride. Jayne is a lovely person inside and out and it’s my joy to have her here with us today.

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2021 Polymer Clay Challenge

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2020 was quite a year for many people. When the year kicked off, never did anyone think we would be thrust into a global Pandemic, let alone that it would rage on for the entirety of the year. For many, completing a challenge, or working toward a goal on a hobby was the last thing on their mind. This year, I hope that art would encourage, inspire, uplift, and bring peace and joy into your life. I’ve always said that your art (whether polymer clay or something else) should make you happy. If it doesn’t … then why are you doing it?

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Polymer Clay Symposium 2021

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Kater's Acres Polymer Clay Symposium Header

How you would like the opportunity to take lessons from 25+ of some of the world’s best polymer clay instructors for free? Sounds like it’s too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t! I’m one of the instructors at next year’s fabulous Polymer Clay Symposium, hosted by Curious Mondo February 5th-13th, 2021. If you want to learn more and sign up for free, all you have to do is click the link below.


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Helen Terlalis Dorn from Clay Babies, Inc – Polymer Clay Whimsical Sculptor

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Helen has been around the polymer clay world for quite some time. Her work has appeared in magazines, on Sculpey’s website and in their tutorials, and pops up on Pinterest too. Today, I’d like to share Helen’s adorable character creations with each of you.

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Customer Favorites

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Do you ever visit a site and wonder what the favorites are? Do you ever wonder what people really love? What customers are purchasing? Since I’m a polymer clay whimsical sculptor, teacher, and basic tools & supplies shop there’s a lot here and a lot of things you can miss. So I’ve made it really easy for you to find the Customer Favorites and try out some of the things sculptors and artists love most from the site.

View Customer Favorites Here

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Why a Whimsical Sculptor?

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Why Choose to Be a Whimsical Sculptor? from Kater's Acres

There are lots of things that you can do with polymer clay. From making gorgeous jewelry, creative millefiori cane assembly, realistic sculpture, tiny canvas creations, mind-bending geometric designs, steampunk faux metallic pieces, and a huge variety of other things you can come up with that is only inhibited by the size of your imagination! So then why would you choose to use polymer clay to by a whimsical sculptor?

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Polymer Clay Face Rock by Kater's Acres

Rock-Tober is here! If you and your sculpting ideas have hit rock bottom, there’s no need to worry because this month we’ve got you covered. Here’s some concrete evidence that this month’s projects will help you be boulder in your creativity. Learn my secrets, tricks, and insightful tips to make you a better whimsical sculptor.

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Sunflowers of Fall

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Polymer Clay SUNFLOWER WALL HANGING by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres
Variegated Sunflowers by Katie Oskin

There’s something special about seeing Sunflowers start to bloom. Here in NE Ohio, when they start to show their gorgeous colors it can only mean one thing … fall is on its way!

I love sunflowers, for their bold and vibrant fall hues and for the way they look up at the sky both innocently and sweetly. I love them for their variety of size and color. I love them for the way they herald in a misty fall morning, say goodnight on a crisp cool evening, or welcome me into a fall harvest festival.

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