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Sometimes you get stuck in a creativity rut, you don’t know where to go and it seems like getting out is taking forever. I’ve had those times. I’ve gone through them and I’ve come out on the other side wondering where my creativity went, where it wandered off to, and why it ‘left’ in the first place.

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The first thing that you need to remember is that this happens to everyone. It’s not just you. So relax! The more you stress, worry, and are consumed that you haven’t hit your stride, have no more good ideas, or haven’t hit your jam yet … the more you are stifling your own creativity.

Sometimes all we need is a little permission. So today, I’m giving you a carté blanche creative license for you to be as creative as you need. Feel free to download this Creative License and hang it up in your studio, workplace, or office. Here’s to each of you for continuing on your creative journey and pursuits.

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