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Hey all! As with all good things, sometimes they come to an end. For right now in this season of my life, our LIVE VIDEOS are coming to an end. Life is very full and busy for my family and with so many things going on, I am going to cancel our 2nd Monday of the month LIVE videos.

Clay Desk

It seems that as of late I’ve had one problem after another, if it’s not power outages due to weather in Ohio, then it’s a technical difficulty of one kind or another that I simply cannot control. So rather than letting people down who rely & depend on a Live Video via FaceBook, I’d rather be more professional and just cancel them altogether; even if it’s just for the time being. There are so many wonderful live videos that you can watch on FaceBook and so many unique and wonderful gathering places to do your polymer clay. Please find the ones that suit you and flock to them.

The FaceBook group, website, and all social media channels are still active and will be. I’m still claying in my gorgeous new studio and I thank you for your support!

Sculpting Blessings,

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