Sculpt Whimsical Polymer Clay Fantasy Creations

Learn How to Sculpt These Fun Whimsical Designs This Month

The Premium Sculpting Club is learning how to make these adorable designs in polymer clay. With videos, recipes, worksheets, tips, & more all for $14.95!


...with likeminded sculptors.


...from a known polymer clay artist.


... help when you need it.


... all from the comfort of home.

Katie's Whimsical Sculpting Club uses both basic & moderate sculpting skills. Her tutorials are easy to follow, there are group classes for additional focus on techniques and Katie is personally available if I still have a question on a project. New projects are provided each month. Katie is a great teacher and it shows in her work.
Lisa Blatcher
Club Member
Katie has great whimsical sculpting tutorials. Tutorials are great when you can only spend an hour working ... you can really see that you have made progress and have a feel for where you are going.
Gay Getz
Tutorial Buyer
Katie's tutorials are really good! She explains everything very clearly. If the first one doesn't come out right, make another and another. Before you know it, you'll get it.
Alisa Sliceoff
Tutorial Buyer
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