Don’t Let Frustration Be The End of Your Creativity

Cynthia Gougian's Mermaid Box

Meet Cynthia Gougian

Cynthia is one of this year’s administrator’s for the 2019 Polymer Clay Challenge. She is incredibly devoted to the group and for that we owe her a round of applause! [Please clap here] Every Monday she writes us an inspirational message to keep us inspired and creating throughout the week. It’s just one of her ways that she keeps all of us on task; yes, even me. Today I’m sharing one of the posts that she wrote near the end of September. I’ve chosen this one to share here today because I think we’re often way to hard on ourselves and we demand perfection from our projects and our processes. But we need to keep in mind that we must also at all times be learning something from our own polymer clay work. So without any further ado, I’d like to share a few thoughts for you from Cynthia’s own experiences in her clay room.

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CF Rainbow Tree 2019 Ornament Donations

The CF Rainbow Tree is back! Once again this year we’re onto another donation adventure and I’m in need of polymer clay Christmas ornament donations. Are you willing to help? I’m calling on you; That’s right you. I’m calling on all clayers worldwide! I need your help decorating a Christmas tree for Cystic Fibrosis patients again this year. And this year we’re doing more, growing bigger, and are in need of many more ornaments! Are you willing to help me? Please see the information below for details on making your clay Christmas ornament donation.

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Polymer Clay Lessons

What if you could take polymer clay lessons from the comfort of your own home? And what if those polymer clay lessons were tailored to you and your needs? Wouldn’t it be even better if those lessons were one-on-one just you and the instructor! Well, now is your opportunity. Many people can afford the cost of a basic workshop, but when it comes to the cost of travel and lodging, that’s where the real challenge arises. Let’s bring the workshop, class, and instruction virtually, right into your home.

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