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So you’ve found our mica powder! I know you’re going to love them as much as I do. But you might be wondering why a whimsical sculptor would develop and have her own line of mica? That’s a great question. Let me tell you.

The Story

Using Mica Powder to Add Highlights to Your Facial Sculptures from Kater's Acres

There are a lot of mica powders out there in the world. One search into Google and you will know that it’s true. For years I was using the major brands of mica powder and they worked for my needs at the time. But after I developed my own highlighting technique, which I’ve freely shared here, I found the mica powders on the market didn’t have what I needed. Most specifically, most mica powders on the market are simply mica … or simply the highlight. But I wanted something that contained both pigment and mica; something that could be buildable and tailored to polymer clay and specifically, my sculpting needs. As you know with polymer clay, whatever you put on the surface of the clay will stick first … so I had to choose a company that had pigment and mica in one. So I hit the market for a company that I liked and that would work with me, was cruelty-free, and wasn’t tested on animals, and a host of other things that were important to me … and I found them. I began to choose my color palette based on the things that I needed at the time and have built my color range and even limited edition colors from there.

Two Kinds of Mica Powders

I carry two different kinds of mica powders in my shop, a regular line, and a Glitz Series. Let me tell you how both variations and how they are the same.

  • They have swatches of polymer clay on the top that have been handmade. This will tell you what color you are reaching for.
  • They have mica and pigment.
  • They are buildable and can achieve a lighter or a darker color depending on application.
  • They are feather light and soft, not heavy or dense. This also means that they will be best used with a brush for application and smoothed to a glass-like finish [try Marjorie’s Magnificent Blending Brush].
  • All jars of mica powder have their names on the bottom of the jar so you don’t forget.
  • They are cruelty-free.
  • They are not tested on animals.

See How to Use Our Mica Powders Here

The Regular Line of Mica Powders

Evergreen Mica Powder from Kater's Acres
“Evergreen” Mica Powder

This is the closest to mica powder as you traditionally know it. We differentiate our traditional line from our Glitz Series with a plain Parker top. Again, this mica powder has both mica & pigment. Some of our Limited Edition sets contain mica from this line.

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The Glitz Series Mica Powders

Glitz Series Mica Powder - The Monica from Kater's Acres
“The Monica” Glitz Series Mica Powder

Perhaps a customer favorite to try and play around with, this series is flashy, fun, and not for the faint of heart. The Glitz Series line of mica powders again has both mica & pigment BUT it also has an added bonus of glitter! Sometimes the glitter is bold and bright, other times it is subtle and blends in. This varies from powder to powder, but it is a nice change from the traditional mica powder. Some of our Limited Edition sets contain mica from this line.

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Our mica powder lines are added to seasonally, so be sure and check back often.

Sculpting Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Understanding Our Mica Powder

  1. Hey, Katie? I’m scared to hear the answer, but im gonna ask anyway because I need to know this.

    was horrified to see you say this twice on this page:

    They are cruelty-free.
    They are not tested on animals.

    I’ve always assumed that “cruelty-free” means “not tested on animals,” but you’ve listed ‘em both. They mean different things? What does “cruelty-free” mean if not “not tested on animals”? Who’s the recipient of the cruelty if not animals? (If you tell me it’s small children in third-world countries inhaling the stuff, I’m throwing all my mica powders into the trash. ) (I can’t think of any other way for them to be cruel to someone, and I’m really, REALLY hoping I’m way off!)

    Thanks for teaching me something new today, even if it’s nightmare-inducing.

    1. I honestly can’t answer that and I’d love to tell you. I have felt the same way that ‘cruelty-free’ was about animals, but I’m sure that this is a legalese statement and must contain both phrases to be proper. This is the statement from the company that makes my products, that I buy and source them from.

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