Product Demo Team of 2022

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Kater's Acres Product Demo Team 2022

There are all kinds of new things going on here at the Acres for 2022. One of those things is the new Product Demo Team. The Product Demo Team is a group of 4 artists that have been specially selected to receive, try, demo, and show you some of our products from the shop. This Team is comprised of some extremely prolific sculptors who represent a wide range of talent and abilities. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to this year’s team.

I’m elated to have this group of engaging, energetic, vibrant, and enthusiastic women as part of the clay demo team this year. Be sure to watch your social media channels to see what wonderful new things these ladies make (they make unique designs & sculptures all the time) as every so often, you may see something they made with an item from our shop.

Demo Team Member: Carla Bull

Carla Bull - Polymer Clay Artist | Product Demo Team 2022 for Kater's Acres

Carla lives in upstate New York in the foothills of the Adirondacks with her husband Kevin, their five cats, and 95 pound American Bulldog. A mom of two adult kids, and a polymer clay artist for over 25 years, she enjoys making people smile with her whimsical creations. She’s especially fond of making her increasingly well-known and collected clay kitties to raise funds for local cat rescue organizations and shelters.

Carla considers herself a polymer princess of sorts, except instead of being locked away high in a castle tower, she spends her days down in her clay dungeon wearing bright tie-dye outfits to match her colorful personality and creating to her heart’s content surrounded by her furry assistants. When not in her studio squishing clay, she can often be found rescuing kittens and other small wildlife, raising and releasing hundreds of monarch butterflies every summer, and enjoying nature while hiking, kayaking, or from the passenger seat of hubby’s convertible.

Team Member: Amy Hucks

Amy Hucks - Polymer Clay Artist

Meet Amy, who also is known as Super Sculptor. She loves making whimsical hand-sculpted characters and creations. Amy is a self-taught artist. As a child she loved playing with Play-doh, repeatedly squishing it in her hands making magical creatures. The smell of Play-doh is her favorite childhood memory. Amy has transferred her love of Play-Doh into making polymer clay pieces. She gathers inspiration from sitting on her screened porch that faces a beautiful park. She observes the daily life of the rich world cascade by. She then draws upon her porch time bursting with a myriad of ideas and releases her inspired energy into creating whimsical masterpieces.

Team Member 2022: Monica Rice

Monica with Coffee Cup

Monica Rice is the designer behind ColoraturaCreations: Jewelry for a Song. My journey with jewelry making began at a young age when I attended an auction with my parents. They had given me a few dollars to bid with and I bought a large box of miscellaneous items (because I saw some colored sand on the top and wanted to make layered glass jars with them). As luck would have it, the remainder of the box was stuffed full of beads, rocks and lapidary magazines. My parents thought I was nuts to be reading lapidary magazines at just 9 years old, but I was hooked. I immediately started experimenting with the beads to create pieces. Let me tell you, my first pieces were horrible! But this experience began a life-long love of beading and rock-hounding!

Today, I still love creating beautiful jewelry and accessories, but I like to think that my technique has come a long way since those days. My jewelry and art is inspired by a lifelong love of all things unique and vintage. I try to capture the joy of discovery that I felt digging through Grandma’s button box as a child in each piece I create.

I am always trying new mediums and new techniques, and I love taking a mixed media approach to creating my pieces. I am always studying and reading to learn more or try something new. This might involve wire wrapping, resin setting or casting, polymer clay, or whatever else I come up with!

Get the mica powder named after Monica here!

Demo Team 2022: Summer Ross

Summer Ross - Polymer Clay Artist

Summer Ross is a self-taught polymer clay artist focused on whimsical soulful creations like dragons, faeries, gnomes, and so many more reaching out to her from the Wispy Realm. She’s been creating creatures since 2015 and enjoys venturing into new ways to put creations together. She lives in a Tiny Home with her life partner, 2 dogs, and a cat off-grid on 320 acres of peaceful land in Wyoming.

Demo Team Member: Jenny Sorensen

Jenny Sorensen - Polymer Clay Artist

I’m Jenny Sorensen and sculpting is my absolute favorite thing to do!  In fact, I’ve worked with polymer clay, a malleable art-grade vinyl material since I was just a kid.  I’ve held various jobs in my life, but I’ve been working out of my home studio, named Wishing Well Workshop, since 2015.  My specialties include creating little critters, fairy doors, and fairy houses. I enjoy creating little landscapes for my scenes using natural elements like stone and wood. I also love teaching clay classes in person around Denver, CO, and across the country.  When interacting with my online followers and friends, I share the daily happenings in my mixed-media studio, spill fun facts and quick tips, and offer resources and support to other artists.

Let’s give a big hearty welcome to the Product Demo Team for 2022 in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what they are going to make, what they will show you, and what fun they will have in the process!

All of the products that they are using, trying, and will be showing you are coming from our shop; so be sure to stop by.

Sculpting Blessings,


5 thoughts on “Product Demo Team of 2022

  1. Love, love, love these ladies!

  2. All of your artists are fantastic. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

    1. Thanks Lynn!

  3. So happy and humbled to be included with these talented demo team members. Looking forward to becoming an active member of Kater’s Acres this year and for years to come!

    1. Sooooo glad to have you Carla! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to make. Welcome to the group!

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