How to Use Our Mica Powders

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Mica Powders from Kater's Acres

So what is mica powder? In a nutshell and simply explained, mica is a mineral [a rock] that has a reflective and metallic look to it. When it is ground and made into a powder it retains those natural properties. Make is found both in the earth, from the ground and is lab-created (which is most often these days). The larger the particles that mica contains, the more sparkly and shiny it is and becomes.

So how are our mica powders different from some other mica powders on the market? That’s a great question! I’m so glad you asked!

My mica powders all contain pigments. This is important because not all mica powders do. This means that the mica powder is buildable (to a certain extent) on your clay. It can be soft, focused, and have a little color and a little shine. Or it can be strong, intense, and have a lot of color and still just a little shine.

Unlike other mica powders on the market, these powders are all double milled. This makes them extremely soft, fine, and easy to blend and place on clay. In my opinion, you get better results with these powders when they are used with a brush as opposed to with your fingers. Additionally, these powders are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. This was important to me when I chose the company to work with for my powders. Moreover, these powders are cosmetic grade, safe, and non-toxic.

Mica Powder Video

Watch the video below for a sample of how the mica powder Palomino can be used in a soft, medium, and dark application.

If you what an in-depth resource and comprehensive guide, you need to head on over to The Blue Bottle Tree and read what Ginger has to say about mica powder.

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