Nelson, the Polymer Clay Pumpkin Doll

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Nelson the Pumpkin Doll in Branches by Katie Oskin

Every month at The Blue Bottle Tree Insiders, we are challenged to do something with polymer clay. The challenge topic is chosen by Ginger and every month it is different from covering an object, to nail powders and even color mixing. This month, however, it is to sculpt a pumpkin head. [Get face-making stuff here] Yay!

Polymer Clay PUMPKIN FACE DOOR KNOCKER by KatersAcres

I do seasonal door knockers and dolls to place around my home. The door knockers I place on my front door year round and change them out seasonally, or whenever I feel like it. So because of this month’s challenge, I decided to do a pumpkin doll. I’ve done numerous pumpkin designs to place around my home, even in color schemes to compliment the decor. One of the most fun pumpkin designs was the Pumpkin Garden Tower. But without further ado, let’s meet Nelson, my pumpkin doll made for the Insiders challenge.

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My Favorite Sculptures of 2019

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2019 Favorite Sculptures from KatersAcres

Every year I have favorite sculptures that I create. Some are favorites because of materials or who I made them for; while others are favorites because of how they turned out. I should add that rarely is a favorite turn out the way that I envisioned it. Why? Because almost all of my sculptures speak to me. Yes, that’s right! They speak to me. Each in their own way, but they do. Allowing myself that freedom is what has made the following 5 pieces my favorite sculptures of 2019.

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Regrouping for the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge

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2016 Polymer Clay Challenge, Week 20 Polymer Clay Face Sculptures by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Faces | #2016PCChallenge

REGROUPING: Sometimes it’s hard to face the truth … I’ve known the truth for about 2 months now … but facing that truth has been a different story. So what “truth” am I talking about? I’m talking about satisfaction with polymer clay. Many of us can honestly say that we are satisfied with what we are doing with clay. Not all of us like or are drawn to the same aspects of claying. Some polymer clay artists prefer caning like Wendy Jorre de St Jorre, vessels like Donna Greenburg, quirky creatures like Lisa Renner, pods like Doreen Kassel, jewelry like Lisa Pavelka, that fun organic feel like Christi Friesen, or sculpting like me! But when your soul aches from a kind of lethargy (let’s call it like it is … boredom) … it’s time to move on.

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