The Return of the StoryBook Scenes

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Valentine's Day Parker with Rainbow & Heart Flowers - Polymer Clay StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres

Many years ago, Parker & Lolly had adventures all around Kater’s Acres. I captured each of those adventures in what I called a StoryBook Scene. After almost 6 years, I am happy to announce their return.

Halloween Parker, Lolly, & Mummy StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres

You see, Kater’s Acres is more than just my studio. It’s a make-believe place where Parker & Lolly live. Kater’s Acres is their home. They find all kinds of friends in their home: dragons, animals, Schrumes, bugs, and all sorts of critters. Often when they find those critters, they are ‘photographed’ in a StoryBook Scene where they can be remembered, treasured, and adopted into wonderful new homes.

You’re invited to come and view the newest addition to the line.

Discover what makes Parker special

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