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Start to Prepare for 2023 from KatersAcres

Over on Kater’s Acres Whimsical Clay Sculpting group on Facebook I try to write something that is motivational and inspirational to your clay journey on Mondays. Seeing how we are about to turn over a new leaf, saying goodbye to 2022 and saying hello to 2023, it’s appropriate to put a bit of thought into our preparations. Just as we do for the season of Advent, preparing our hearts and homes for the arrival of the baby Jesus, we do the same for the New Year. Many of us do that by coming up with resolutions, choosing a ‘word’ or a ‘phrase’ for the new year, or even by setting goals. So let’s stop for a minute and think about how you might want to prepare for the new year and what’s coming up for you in 2023.

There are a few steps that you will need to take in order to prepare for 2023. Let’s take a look at those steps now…

What Do You Want to Do Differently?

Whether this is in your personal or business life, there are going to be things that you want to do differently. Remember that you are the curator of your own life. There are many elements that you do get to choose from. So as you think back over the past year think about the following things:

Tea Time Parker with Teapot from Kater's Acres
  • What brought you stress? Is it in your control to reduce or change that stress? What steps can you take in the coming year to change that stress?
  • What brought you anxiety? Is it in your control to change that? What steps can you take to change or alter the anxiety that you were faced with?
  • What made you angry? Is it in your power or control to change that? What steps can you take to change that or alter the path that makes you angry?
  • What do you know needs to change but you are scared to make the ‘jump?’ Fear is a normal part of life. Don’t let your fears overwhelm your intuition. Write down the pros/cons of the change you know is needed. Sometimes seeing things in black and white, with the fear removed will be enough to calm your state of mind.

What Do You Want to Keep the Same?

Parker, Lolly, & Spex Planner Stickers from Kater's Acres

Whether this is in your personal or business life, these are things that brought you exceeding joy, things that you love doing, and things that you find worthy of continuing next year. My advice is this … life is short, very short. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then find a way to change what you are doing to bring your heart the joy it is seeking. Think back over the past year about the following things:

  • What brought you joy? Why did it bring you joy? What specifically about it makes it worth continuing?
  • What brought you the most comfort? Why did it do that? Can you find a way to incorporate that into your daily or weekly life so that it nourishes your soul?
  • What brought you a sense of peace? How did it accomplish that? Is this something that you want can do as a permanent part of your life?
  • What do you love so much you’d never give it up? Why do you feel that way? What about it do you love?

How Will You Prepare for 2023?

Now that you have thought about the above questions a bit, how will you prepare for 2023? Write down a few thoughts not only about your personal life, but about your professional life, and even any hobbies or side hustles that you might have. We all need to grow, but growth requires time, energy, patience, and persistence. Growth is not something that happens overnight or without careful planning. Take time to sit, write, and prepare for the new year ahead. It’s quickly approaching.

Thank you for being a part of the Kater’s Acres Family, Sculpting Blessings,


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