CF Rainbow Tree 2022 Ornament Donations

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The CF Rainbow Tree is back for the 2022 Christmas season! As with many hospitals, the pandemic has changed many protocols and things that need to be done to help our project along. But, as per usual …

I’m in need of your help and your polymer clay Christmas ornament donations.

If you can make polymer clay ornaments, I’d sure appreciate it. I need your help decorating a Christmas tree & making ornaments to give to Cystic Fibrosis patients of all ages & staff once again this year. Please see the information below for details on making your clay Christmas ornament donation.

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Coffee Cream Recipe

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CoffeeMate Sweet Italian Creme Copycat Recipe by KatersAcres

Homemade Copycat Recipe:

Coffeemate’s Italian Sweet Creme

CoffeeMate Sweet Italian Creme Copycat Recipe by KatersAcres

As all of my readers know, I am a lover of coffee.  I’m a coffee enthusiast who can drink warm bronze liquid (or cold bronze liquid) at any hour of the day. I love it. I can’t help myself, I just do. One of the things that I find myself spending a significant amount of money on is Coffee-Mate’s Italian Sweet Creme coffee creamer. Oh…it’s almost too good. But to be honest, the $3.00-$4.00 price tag is a killer on the shopping budget. Especially when hubby and I go through one of these 32 ozs. containers a week.

So, I decided to make my own. I looked up recipes online and found hundreds, literally hundreds of make-your-own liquid coffee creamer recipes. This one is by far the easiest of all that I found. But I also learned something else…there are 2 ingredients in this creamer. There are over 13 in the store-bought version, 11 of which I can’t pronounce.  So not only is this cheaper for your wallet if you shop at discount stores, but it is also better for you as well.

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Iced Coffee Recipe

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Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced coffee has never tasted better than on a 90+ degree day, such as we had here yesterday in NW Pennsylvania.  One of my favorite summer drinks is by far iced coffee.  I used to spend over $3.00 on ONE of these at the nearest Dunkin’ Donut or Starbucks.  But now, I’ve gotten smarter!  I’ve figured out how to make the PERFECT cup of iced coffee, each and every time.  And the best part, it costs only about $0.30 per glass to make. So, if you’re a fan of this cooled down, chilled out, version of the famous Cup of Joe, you’ve got to try this! You can tailor this base iced coffee recipe to suit your tastes. Continue reading Iced Coffee Recipe