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CoffeeMate Sweet Italian Creme Copycat Recipe by KatersAcres

Homemade Copycat Recipe:

Coffeemate’s Italian Sweet Creme

CoffeeMate Sweet Italian Creme Copycat Recipe by KatersAcres

As all of my readers know, I am a lover of coffee.  I’m a coffee enthusiast who can drink warm bronze liquid (or cold bronze liquid) at any hour of the day. I love it. I can’t help myself, I just do. One of the things that I find myself spending a significant amount of money on is Coffee-Mate’s Italian Sweet Creme coffee creamer. Oh…it’s almost too good. But to be honest, the $3.00-$4.00 price tag is a killer on the shopping budget. Especially when hubby and I go through one of these 32 ozs. containers a week.

So, I decided to make my own. I looked up recipes online and found hundreds, literally hundreds of make-your-own liquid coffee creamer recipes. This one is by far the easiest of all that I found. But I also learned something else…there are 2 ingredients in this creamer. There are over 13 in the store-bought version, 11 of which I can’t pronounce.  So not only is this cheaper for your wallet if you shop at discount stores, but it is also better for you as well.

Because I have been a devotee of this awesome coffee additive for so long, I have been stockpiling these jugs when they are empty to reuse for all kinds of things. I have several filled with flax seed, beans, lentils, barley, etc. But now I make and fill them with my own copycat recipe! Make sure you have a container large enough to hold at least 32 oz. of liquid.


  • 3 cups Milk – Whole milk or evaporated milk (I used evaporated as I didn’t have any whole milk)
  • NOTE: Whole Milk makes this FAR cheaper than evaporated milk.
  • 1 Can Sweet & Condensed Milk


  • Put milk & sweet & condensed milk together in a pot on the stove.
  • Place on Med-Low and whisk until milk begins to simmer.
  • Remove from heat and let stand until warm.
  • Place liquid in 32 oz. mason jar or old CoffeeMate creamer (this is what I do)


While this is not a complete dupe for Italian Sweet Creamer, it is healthier for you & your body. Yes, it does taste a little different, but it is the closest I have been able to come to this point in time.

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60 thoughts on “Coffee Cream Recipe

  1. Would this recipe work without simmering and just using an immersion blender to mix?

    1. It may, but it will separate over time.

  2. This recipe is spot on with a little additive 1tsp of each vanilla and almond extract and it is perfect. Not as sweet but super delicious

  3. Thanks for the receipe for my favorite Coffee Mate creamer Italian Sweet Cream. Seems like so many others find it delectable as well. Especially after burning out on the previously well liked French Vanilla. The packaging has changed recently, and the taste has changed too, seems not as rich or something. That brought me to look on the bottle for a list of ingredients and after reading all of the unidentifiable chemicals I though OK I can make somthing close. So I found your recipe. For me the cost is less of a concern rather its all the wierd un-pronouceable chemicals. It sgreat to see others have the same cocerns. CAN’T WAIT TO TRY YOUR RECIPE–THANKS

  4. I want to find a Vegan version of this using almond milk and vegan sweet cream.

  5. I tried this recipe using a 1:1 mixture of condensed milk to evaporated milk with a few drops of pure almond extract and pure vanilla extract. It was the closest I could get to Italian Sweet Cream flavor.

    1. Wonderful! I’m glad you enjoyed this recipe and found it useful.

      1. Is there a way to make it sugar free or more weight watcher friendly

        1. Not with this recipe, no. You’d have to search the internet to find a different variety or type for your choosing.

      2. Weekend Recipe
        Followed Tony Vaughn’s recipe posted September 21, 2018 and added an ounce of Almendrado per 6 to 8 oz cup of coffee, Whoa, Wow . . . much better when you don’t need to be totally on task.

  6. I made this recipe this morning. I used 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 can evaporated milk, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, and 2 drops of vanilla. It’s good but I don’t think I have it close enough.

    1. The nice part about this recipe is that you can tailor it just about any way that you’d like!

  7. I made this recipe last night with the following changes: I used 2 1/2 cups whole milk, 1/2 cup heavy cream (because I had it on hand!) 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1/4 tsp salt for depth of flavor, and about 1/8 to 1/4 tsp vanilla. In my eyes, it was a total success! I’ve been addicted to the coffee mate version forever, but this tasted so much better to me. The coffee mate version tends to have a chemical taste as my coffee cools down, but the home made version was absolutely delicious through and through.

    1. That sounds so Amazing! I’m Pretty sure that’s liquid ice cream you’re describing lol also how is this article a healthier alternative with sweetened condensed milk containing 120 calories and 22g sugar per fl oz?

      1. We really like it and I continue to make it. For us, it’s not so much about the sugar, but more about all the other “bad for you” things in the store bought creamers; the preservatives, additives, etc.

  8. I make somethin very similar, I use Vanilla almond milk in place of the whole or evaporated milk, I add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of any number of guy like when I do 1/4 caramel and 1/4 of hazelnut. Almond milk mixes super well I rarely notice any separation either. plus its so creamy !!

    1. That sounds super yummy. I had NO idea that Almond Milk was creamy. I may have to try this.

    2. That’s awesome! Just thinking about using almond milk, but I didn’t want to waste it if it was going to separate and be gross. Thanks

    3. Thank You for that version, I can’t do whole milk…I believe I’m gonna try the coconut milk to see how this does as well as the rest of the ingredients. I may even mix the Almond & Coconut milk to see this how this does…. I use to freeze the Italian Creamer & eat like ice cream It’s better than I cream…LOL. Thank You

  9. i can’t wait to try this! Thanks so much for posting!!!! I love the vanilla caramel coffee mate. I’ll see what I can come up with. Just realized how bad coffee mate really is for the body, and I’m hooked on it. I’m trying to improve what I consume 🙂 thanks again!

  10. Ooops! Misspelled ‘creme’ every time. Italian Sweet Creme! 😉

  11. I am so very hooked on this “Italian Sweet Cream” creamer that I felt I needed to find a healthier, cheaper and less calorie replacement. I gave this more than one try but, there is just no replacing that rich, incredibly sweet Italian Sweet Cream by CoffeeMate.
    There is a hint in the picture on the bottle. I know exactly what’s missing though, so as soon as I make a trip to the grocery, I will make a few adjustments and give it another go.
    I use the Italian Sweet Cream when making my Cappucino’s with Hazelnut Espresso coffee. It froths so well and the richness is incredible. I now have Hubby hooked on those as well, so we must find a healthier, less expensive solution.

    1. Did you try this again and come up with a good version? Looking to make this myself.

      1. This is the recipe my husband and I use all the time. This is the “good version.”

    2. So what is your missing ingredient? Please tell me your final recipe. I’m about to try this recipe for the first time & would appreciate your advice.

      1. There is no missing ingredient. I simply stated that it’s as close as I can come to the exact recipe the manufacturer uses without all the “yuck” added in.

        1. Katie, I think they are requesting “the missing ingredient” from KellyAnn.

          1. Thank you! I understand now. 🙂

    3. What was the missing ingredient?!?! What’s your recipe?!?!

      1. The recipe is in the post above.

  12. How about using the same ingredients PLUS 1 tea. vanilla AND 1 tablespoon (Organic) Coconut oil while heating! Haven’t tried it yet, but sounds good!

  13. I think if you added a tsp of vanilla and almond extract you will get closer to the flavor you want. I’m trying your recipe tonight. 🙂

  14. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract OR the inside of a vanilla bean, scraped
    1 teaspoon almond extract
    will give you the flavor of the Italian Sweet Cream.

  15. Kate,

    I was very excited when I came across this recipe as I LOVE the Sweet Italian creamer.

    I took into account the money you say that you saved and the uncanny taste comparison. To say the least….Not impressed and extremely disappointed.

    First, the 3 cans it takes to make the recipe are in fact more expensive than the actual product itself. Next, the final product tastes nothing like the Italian Sweet creamer.

    Total letdown. 🙁

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. Please know that I shop at Aldi’s and pay very little for Sweetened Condensed Milk. Also, the recipe clearly states that by using whole milk you will accumulate far more savings than using canned milk. The point was not just to save money but to get rid of all the processed chemicals and junk that the Italian Sweet Creamer has. There are two ingredients in this mix: Milk & Sugar, both natural and better for you than the laundry list of ingredients present in the CoffeeMate version.

      1. Have you considered making your own condensed milk and using raw milk, if buying a herd share is available in your area of the country. I am doing that these days and love all the coffee creamer recipes available. You’re only limited by your imagination! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Saw this recipe and another that said 14oz each of milk and sweetend condinced milk. Figured I’ld split the difference and use two cups milk. Since freash goats milk is what I had on hand that’s what I used.I think it is better than Coffeemate. Thanks for the idea.

  17. I will try this as I love the Italian Sweet Cream from Coffeemate but hate the price and chemicals. I expect you could add a drop or two of Hazelnut or Almond extract to this and make it even more interesting. Thanks

  18. Thank you. I am making this!

  19. I’m glad I found a recipe for this creamer. I’m just curious why does it have to be heated? Can you get the same results without heating it???

    1. Heating it allows the Sweet & Condensed Cream NOT to separate from the milk when you refrigerate it. Otherwise it will separate. I still shake it however before I use it.

  20. The Italian Sweet Cream is my favorite, but I don’t like all of the chemicals and additives. Can’t wait to try this at home. I can’t believe those 2 things are all I need to make it myself!

  21. Forgot to add I use this in my steel cut oatmeal daily as well

  22. Wife bailed on the original italian sweet cream because of the oils and we went to the Natural Bliss version which is also much less sweet (a plus to me). We recently noticed the shelves were empty at all the stores and found Nestlé had initiated a voluntary removal of the natural bliss original and vanilla due to Quality issues ( I’m sure). So I found you by searching for homemade versions. I find it a bit ironic that we all wanted to find a homemade recipe for “sweet cream”….anyway thanks for the idea, we will give it a shot today. Additionally I was looking for a homemade version of the Gnu-Bar which I find to totally rock if you want a natural fiber snack bar.

  23. You’ll notice the CoffeeMate version (and all their liquid coffee creamer products except the Natural Bliss line) contains large amounts of partially hydrogenated oil, which is known to cause coronary artery blockage and heart attacks. These oils have been banned in Denmark, and several other European countries have proposed banning them as well. The Mayo Clinic sums up what is so bad about this ingredient:

    Thank you for providing a trans-fat-free alternative! I hope you and your family continue to seek trans-fat-free alternatives for whipped cream, chips, baked goods and other products that frequently contain partially hydrogenated oils.

  24. Making this today. Hubby loves the original-but I don’t like all the chemicals. Also going to add Hazelnut to some for me. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much!

  25. I did not like the homemade Italian sweet creme coffee creamer, to me it did not come close.

    1. I’m sorry it didn’t suit your tastes … we love it in our house. What would you do differently?

  26. Does this work as well with reduced fat milk and reduced fat evaporated milk? My husband is a heart-healthy diet and would love this as an alternative to the “real” creamer. Thanks for posting!!

    1. Hi Barbara, I wish I could answer this for you, but I’ve never tried it. If you do, please let me know if it worked for you!

  27. Hi Katie, just found you by searching for this recipe. I once did something similar out of necessity. I was housebound and no creamer or half n half in the house for coffee or tea. Well the pantry had sweetened condensed milk and dried milk powder left over from Christmas baking. I made double strength milk from the powder and added the can of sweetened condensed. I didn’t cook it and it was okay, but not close enough to the coffee mate sweet Italian cream, my favorite for coffee. So, I want to thank you so much for this recipe, I made it today using the evaporated milk instead of fresh milk and it was great, really close to the original.
    I find the cost to be comparable, but the health benefits are well worth it, plus it’s a pantry staple. Thanks again!

  28. WOW—Just found this on Pinterest yesterday and am making it right now to try tomorrow morning. I also am using evaporated milk instead of whole….do you notice a difference in taste with using one verses the other? So excited to look around your blog and see what other wonderful ideas you have.

  29. Sounds delicious, easy and better for you than store bought. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping Angel – I appreciate it. If you drink coffee, you should try this.

  30. Love creamer but I no longer use it because of the calories. I still use some Agave sweetener but just a dab.

    Recipe would have been wonderful to have for the years I used creamer.

    I get worried when I can’t pronounce the ingredients. (Hugs)

    1. Thanks for stopping Marianne – how are you feeling? Are you doing better?

  31. Wow that is pretty interesting, just milk and milk sounds like an awesome replacement for potentially chemical filled (and pricey) creamer

    1. My thoughts too Leah….how hard is it to pronounce “Milk” and “Sugar” as key ingredients?!

  32. Mmmm…sounds good.

    1. It’s SO GOOD Mona. I know you are a coffee drinker too. You should try this.

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