Polymer Clay Scrappy Tutorial by Martin Pottjewijd

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Polymer Clay Scrappy Tutorial by Martin Pottjewijd

This polymer clay Scrappy Tutorial is by Martin Pottjewijd and is used here with his full permission. Martin is a polymer clay artist from the Netherlands. He makes a wide variety of work including his elaborate and breathtaking castles built on large rocks and his adorable Polly & Mur. You can read Martin’s interview with Polyform here. Martin has graciously agreed to shared this tutorial here with each of you!

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Polymer Clay Tutorial: Flower Head Pins from Scrap Canes

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Polymer Clay Tutorial - Flower Head Pins Using Scrap Cane Ends & Leftovers by KatersAcres | FREE Tutorial - PIN NOW, Make later
Polymer Clay Flower Head Pins by KatersAcres | CLICK for tutorial

 Why throw out all those tiny little cane ends? You can still use them, even if there’s not enough for a large project. I’ve been making these little flower head pins ever since I began making my own canes. For those of you who don’t already know, I have a thing for flowers. I LOVE them. But … I live in the woods. Flowers don’t grow well here. So instead, I made a TON of flowers in the spring & summer months from clay.

This project is a fun & quick way to use up those wonky ends & slices you may have cut from your canes. Placing these flowers on longer pieces of wire will allow them to be used as plant pokeys, tied into the center of a bow for a gift, jewelry head pins, and so much more.

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Miracles with Scrap Clay

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Scrap Clay Miracles Explanation & Mini-Tutorial by KatersAcres

This past week I had a guest in my studio. They saw this unique and lovely colored bunch of clay on the back of my work surface and stated, “WOW! How did you get those colors?!” I laughed and said, “It’s scrap clay!” Needless to say, they didn’t believe me. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love to write about scrap clay and how you can reuse it and do something wonderful with it…so today’s post is all about what I did with my scrap clay and how I got those beautiful colors to make more colorful things.

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52 Weekly Canes Update: Stroppel Cane

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Stroppel Cane by KatersAcres

Week 5: Stroppel Cane

52 Weekly Cane Projects FaceBook Group

Week 5 has come & gone and once again, we had two great tutorials to make & try. I have only been doing one of the two tutorials a week due to my time restrictions. But this week was one of my favorite canes, the Stroppel Cane. The second cane for this week was Ronit Golan’s Scrap Cane which I did not do because I used my scrap for Scrappy Heart Pins, Pens, & more. Continue reading 52 Weekly Canes Update: Stroppel Cane

WIP Wednesday: A Scrappy Week

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WIP Wednesday: A Scrappy Week by KatersAcres

Work in Progress Wednesday

Welcome back to Kater’s Acres Polymer Clay Studio

A Scrappy Week

KatersAcres Scrap Polymer Clay BowlStroppel Cane by KatersAcresWelcome back to “Work in Progress Wednesday!”  Just so you know, “a scrappy week” is not a metaphor or a replacement for another word. Rather, it describes exactly what most of my time in my studio was spent doing … playing with scrap clay! I’ve been so busy creating the past several weeks that I have generated a lot of scrap.  Often, I just throw it in a giant glass bowl awaiting future use. When I’m caning however, I will often have a sheet of clay ready to make a Stroppel Cane to help absorb those wonky cuts.

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Polymer Clay Projects – Natasha Beaded Keychain

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Natasha Beaded Keychain Polymer Clay Projects Tutorial by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Projects Requested

I love it when my fans & readers have specific polymer clay projects in mind.  I have had several requests lately for a fun beaded project tutorial.  As many of you know I’m not really a jewelry person, not because I don’t like it, because I most certainly do, but rather because I’m not a person that tends to “accessorize.”  I wear a wedding ring & my earrings and that’s it.  Sometimes you’ll catch me wearing a watch, but other than that … nadá.  So while I love to make beads, since I don’t wear jewelry (or sell it in my Etsy shop), I’m never sure what to do with the beads.  So for those of you who are like me, here’s a really fun handmade Natasha Bead Keychain.  Let’s get started, shall we?

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Repurpose X-acto Blades Using Scrap Polymer Clay

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 Repurpose X-acto Blades Into a Great New Tool

Repurpose x-acto blades? Absolutely you can do that! This simple and quick tip had a huge response in last week’s email, twitter, & even on FaceBook.  It was shared, retweeted, and commented on more times that any previous tip I had posted. So today I will show you how you can take that old, grungy, and slightly beat up old cutting blade and repurpose x-acto blades into something more useful.

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