Faux Beach Glass Tutorial

Faux Beach Glass Tutorial by KatersAcres

This Faux Beach Glass Tutorial will make the perfect summer accessories for home, decor, or even jewelry! The Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club is taking a dive into the sea with our Ocean Commotion theme this month and started things off with our über cute Puffed Fish duo. With all our ocean tutorials, it seemed only fitting to offer a free Faux Beach Glass tutorial here on the site for all my readers too!

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EasyCuffs with Teresa Pandora Salgado

Teresa Pandora Salgado - Stylish & Fun Easy Cuff Bracelets

There’s few things that are as fun as making your own cuff bracelets, unless you’re using Teresa Pandora Salgado’s EasyCuffs Bracelet kit. Teresa has taken ALL the guess work out of making cuff bracelets for you. She’s come up with a fast, fun, & easy way to make polymer clay cuff bracelets in three fun sizes. With EasyCuffs there’s a cuff bracelet for everyone from your best friend, niece, aunt, grandma, and even your sister-in-laws best friend’s, aunt’s niece! Yep, Teresa’s got you covered. If you haven’t visited TinyPandora, be sure to stop by.

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Tutorial of the Month: Beadmaker’s Bundle from The Blue Bottle Tree

The Blue Bottle Tree - Beadmakers Bundle

The Blue Bottle Tree


Beadmaker’s Bundle from The Blue Bottle Tree is sure to inspire your polymer clay bead making this season. I’d like to  introduce you to our polymer clay tutorial of the month! [Click here to see past tutorials of the month.] This month I bring none other than my darling friend, Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

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