October Pavelka Project: Making Canes

Fall Polymer Clay Tutorial, Festive Masor Jar Centerpiece using Millefiori Canes | October Pavelka Project

October 2015 #PavelkaProject

Polymer Clay Tutorial

Making Polymer Clay Millefiori Canes & Using Them

Welcome back for another great month of the Pavelka Project! This month we a doing another more ‘open-ended’ project for you. Here’s what you need to do. Look through The Complete Book of Polymer Clay, chapter on Millefiori Canes, and make at least one cane. But don’t stop there! Use your cane to create ONE project. It can be anything your heart desires. I made a mixed media centerpiece mason mug in a fall theme for my dining room table. You can do whatever you’d like: jewelry, mixed media, household items, frames, the options are literally endless. Lisa offers literally dozens of ideas throughout all her books. [Order your books here] I also have over 150 tutorials here on the site you could use to make a project.

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14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials

Discover 14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials

Looking for a fall polymer clay project?

Here’s 14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials from Around the Web to Get You Started

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it; from the apples, leaves, cider, crisp air, to the smell of drying leaves on the earth. I just love it. I often am my most creative during the September-November months because of this. To help jump-start your creative endeavors, I’ve put together a giant mash-up of 14 fall polymer clay tutorials you will love. Continue reading 14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials

Fantasy Fall Pendant Tutorial

Polymer Clay Tutorial: Fall Fantasy Pendant by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Project


Fantasy Fall Pendant Tutorial

Do you know what’s just around the corner? FALL! My favorite season of the entire year (most likely my affinity for leaf canes). This project is much easier than it looks. All you need are a few simple supplies and some complimentary leaf canes.

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