Colors of Spring are Bright, Bold, & Vivid

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Colors of Spring for Polymer Clay & Acrylic Paints

Colors of Spring are those colors that make me feel happy, bouncy, and rejuvenated. Are there certain colors of Spring that you automatically gravitate to? Maybe it’s because of the way that they make you feel? Perhaps it’s because of the clothes you wear? Or maybe it’s because it’s some preconceived notion you already have. Today let’s look at some vibrant colors to liven up your old spring pastel palettes.

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Acrylic Paints for Polymer Clay

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Acrylic Paints for Polymer Clay | My favorite acrylics to use with polymer clay - CLICK to read the article now

Acrylics paints for polymer clay? Absolutely! Acrylic paints have been used safely for years with polymer clay. I have written about the use of acrylics with polymer several times here on the site. (See the linked articles at the end of this post.) Today I will share with you my four most used acrylic paints. You may enjoy these acrylic paints for polymer clay sculpting, jewelry making, or many other polymer clay disciplines too.

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Valentine’s Day Book Tutorial

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DIY Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Book Tutorial by KatersAcres | CLICK to learn how to make your own

This DIY polymer clay Valentine’s Day book tutorial will show you how to make a cute little book for someone you love this Valentine’s Day. You can fill the book with whatever sentiments you’d like. Here’s a few ideas for you: coupons, reasons why (the recipient) is loved, positive affirmations, love quotes, love scriptures, special memories with your loved one, or anything else you’d like to include. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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WIP Wednesday: Winter Art Girl

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Winter Wonderland Snow Girl Midori Dashboard by KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday

Fresh Perspectives: A Change in Medium

I love mixed media. Especially mixed media that centers around paper, paint, and collaged elements; like this Winter Art Girl. There’s just something about collage that I have always been drawn to and always enjoyed. Today’s WIP Wednesday is about taking a break from your “main art form” to express yourself and your heart through another art medium. Come on over and join me to see my Winter Wonderland Snow Girl. I made this as a dashboard for my Traveler’s Notebook.  As a bonus today I’ll teach you to make your own.

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Art Journal Page from Veneers

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Polymer Clay Art Journal Page from Scraps Tutorial by KatersAcres

Find yourself making oodles of clay veneers from my Faux Collage Techniques tutorial or other veneer tutorials? If so then you’ve likely realized something … stamps, paints, and so much more end up in the trash … why, because you had to clean your tools before you reused them or put them away. Enter my friend, “Can’t Bear It.” “Can’t Bear It” is the name of my art journal that I “clean” my products on. From my scrapers, brushes, stamps and more …

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Polymer Clay Ornaments: 1 Idea – 5 Different Ways

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Polymer Clay Ornaments: One Idea, Five Ways | CLICK to learn how to make your own

Have you ever wanted to make something but you were tired of making it the same old way? Today’s polymer clay tip will demonstrate how to take one idea and make 5 different things. Specifically? Polymer clay ornaments! [Don’t miss last week’s series of 5 polymer clay ornaments you can make in under 10 minutes each!] Today however, this one idea, five ways are not just any ornaments, but they are polymer clay Christmas tree ornaments with Christmas trees on them. Sounds boring right? Perhaps not as much as you’d think.

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December Pavelka Project

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Making a Polymer Clay Word Ornament

The time has arrived … the final month of, the Pavelka Project. This month we a doing another more ‘open-ended’ project for you. This month we are using the book, Quick & Easy Gifts with Polymer Clay, and using the ornament idea. The “word” that you choose does NOT have to be a holiday word, maybe it’s your family name, child’s name, pet’s name, or word of the year. In any case, the ornament should be small enough to hang on a tree or on a door.

My take on Lisa’s tutorial is shown below. I used many similar techniques, but you can make your word ornament however you’d like. I’ve combined textured clay, stamping, & mica powders into a sophisticated take on the word “Noel” as in “the First Noel.” Lisa offers literally dozens of ideas throughout all her books on techniques, color palettes, and so much more. [Order your books here] I also have over 150 tutorials here on the site you could use to get ideas to decorate your jar.

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Steampunk Fall Leaf Pendants

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Polymer Clay Steampunk Leaf Pendants Tutorial by KatersAcres

Fun, Funky, & Perfect for Autumn

Polymer Clay Steampunk Leaf Pendants Tutorial by KatersAcres

These steampunk leaf pendants are trendy and whip up quick. Make as many as you’d like for yourself and all your friends. You can make them into pendants, napkin rings, candle rings, and even unique centerpieces. You are only limited by your own imagination. Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

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Faux Pen & Ink on Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Faux Pen & Ink on Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcres

So, last week I was in the throws of a really neat design idea. I’m a member of Christi’s Neighborhood and our project theme last month was called “Once Upon a Time.” Thoroughly inspired by the theme, I played around with the idea for several weeks before it formulated in my mind … Rumpelstinltskin.

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