Cave Paintings Background Tutorial

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Cave Paintings Background Tutorial by KatersAcres | Click for FREE project & PDF

Using Polymer Clay & Mixed Media

This cave paintings background tutorial will show you how to make your own backdrop for your prehistoric creations. Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club members are taking a journey through time this month with our Prehistoric Theme.

You can make this cave paintings background any size you’d like. Exact proportions are not given as your size and needs may vary from my own. Experiment with your figurines even incorporating this background into a shadow box for them to “live” in.


Now Available as an Instant Download Worksheet!

I hope you have oodles of fun exploring all the great worksheets available here on the site. They are a fun, inexpensive, and unique way to jumpstart your creativity.

Prehistoric Polymer Clay Figurine Tutorials by KatersAcres

Thanks for joining me today!

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