Tutorial of the Month: Cosmic Ceramic Technique by Iris Mishly

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Cosmic Ceramic Bead Samples By KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Tutorial of the Month:

Cosmic Ceramic Technique

Round About Beads, Ceramic Blossom & Let The Thousand Flowers Beads

by Iris Mishly

It’s the first Tuesday of the month. This month I get to share with you another fabulous artist and their tutorial. [Click here to see past tutorials of the month.] This month I bring none other than the wonderful talented and sincerely lovely Iris Mishly from Polypedia Online.

If you’ve been in the polymer clay community for any amount of time then you are likely familiar with the hugely talented, Iris Mishly. Iris is from Israel and immerses herself in a world of vibrant color and faux effects. One of the more popular effects right now is that of the “Cosmic Ceramic” technique. Many artists are using this technique as it’s found quite a resurgence lately. Iris was kind enough to send me a copy of the tutorial “Round About Beads, Cosmic Blossoms, and Let the Thousand Flowers Beads” to work and review for the blog.

Polymer Clay Tutorial of the Month

Cosmic Ceramic Bead Samples By KatersAcresIris has literally hundreds of tutorials available on her website, Polypedia Express Online. You may recognize her most recent work combining polymer clay with micro-macrame [yep, she has tutorials for that too] with absolutely fabulous results. The beads that you see at right are examples of my beads that I made from her “Cosmic Ceramic: Round About Beads, Cosmic Blossons, and Let the Thousand Flowers Beads” tutorial. This tutorial is one of her “Best Sellers” and instantly I can see why. This tutorial is easy for even a beginner to do and very likely you already have all the supplies you need to make a few of your own! I truly had a good time playing with this tutorial and will use it in the future. I highly recommend this tutorial to anyone who loves to make rustic, organic, & earthy beads.

FAVORITE Cosmic Ceramic Bead Samples By KatersAcresWhat you’ll love about this tutorial is how genuinely simple it is to achieve complex looking results! It’s the way the products Iris uses are combined that make such fantastic results. Truly anyone can do this. At left you’ll see my favorite beads that I made from this tutorial. Some of these beads are bold and bright and others and earthy and lush. If you’re looking for something new to try and learn quickly, this tutorial is exactly what you need. These beads would also marry well with wood, brass, or polished polymer accents.



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Coupon is NOT valid on tools or materials.


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  1. I’m so happy you enjoyed playing with the class, it’s really so easy and fun and the results are fabulous! Thank you Katie!

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