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FREE Polymer Clay Tutorials Directory

Here’s links to many of the FREE polymer clay tutorials that have been posted on KatersAcres.

Last Update: 1/19/18

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All tutorials below, unless otherwise mentioned are copyright by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres

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Tutorials I Wrote for Polyform

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials

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Polymer Clay Sculptures

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Animal & Wildlife Sculpture Tutorials

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Polymer Clay Techniques

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Polymer Clay Top Five Series

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Polymer Clay Creative Tip Series

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Polymer Clay Canes

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Polymer Clay Holidays




Valentine’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day

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Mixed Media Projects

Miscellaneous Polymer Tutorials & Projects

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Jewelry & Bead Tutorials

Faux Effects

Make Your Own Polymer Clay Tools

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Make Stuff From Scrap Clay

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Polymer Clay Mash-Ups

Tutorials from around the web gathered with links in the posts to some fantastic online tutorials.

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Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Recipes to make your own new colors by combining packaged colors of clay.

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Polymer Clay Videos

Check them out on YouTube!

The free polymer clay tutorials on this website are made possible by the members of Whimsical Sculpting Tutorials Club. If you like polymer clay & whimsical creations, please consider joining the Club to get more benefits, more tutorials, & have a lot more fun!

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Friesen Project - Badge

The 2013 Friesen Project has come to an end.

See all 40 tutorials from the 2013 Friesen Project here.