Premo Polymer Clay Recipe for Rose Gold

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Rose Gold Color Recipe by KatersAcres

Many polymer artists, especially those who are making series or duplicates of items, rely on color recipes to make uniform pieces.  For those of you who have been with me for a while now, you know that I rarely use recipes. Why? Because I like that all my pieces are different in color, that I don’t repeat colors, and that nothing I make is ever identical. To me, it adds to the special nature of my sculptures. But I’m not the norm when it comes to polymer artists.

Rose Gold Color Recipe:

Rose Gold Color Recipe by KatersAcres

One of the recipes that I use over & over in my studio (despite the previous confession) is rose gold.  90% of the clay I use is Premo! polymer clay, though I also use Fimo, Pardo, & Cernit. Here’s my “go-to” recipe for rose gold. I generally make this in a batch equivalent to a 2oz. block of clay. I prefer the look the copper gives when baked as opposed to any of the “gold” Premo! Accent variations.

  • Premo! Polymer Clay
    • 1 Part “Blush”
    • 3 Parts “Copper” (Found in the “Premo! Accents” line)

Polymer Clay Recipe Card - Rose Gold by KatersAcres | FREE Blank Clay Recipe Card download at this link


  • Add a little white to brighten and soften the color.
  • Add more pink for a greater “Pink” tone.
  • Add more copper for less of a “pink” tone.
  • Add a little black for a darker version.

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I hope today’s color selections help you get back into your studio this weekend! Thanks for joining me today and don’t forget to sign up for more tutorials, prompts, and projects direct to your email.

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