Easy Faux Crackle Tutorial – Overlay Technique

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Polymer Clay Faux Crackle Technique Tutorial by KatersAcres

This easy, faux crackle technique can become the base for a multitude of clay designs. It works the best the easiest as a veneer technique on raw clay designs. And like many happy accidents and tutorials here at KatersAcres, this faux crackle technique has a story too. It also pairs nicely and easily with the Faux Collage Veneers tutorial too! Are you ready to try it? Let’s get started!


How To Do This Easy Faux Crackle Technique

  • Polymer Clay Faux Crackle Technique Tutorial by KatersAcresFully prepare and condition the color and amount of Premo! clay you will need.
  • For this example, I have prepared one, 2-ounce block of white Premo! clay.
  • Cover the entire sheet with the desired color of medium-body acrylic paint.
  • I have used black Liquitex paint.
  • Allow it to dry fully. (This may take several hours depending on the clay and paints used.)
  • Once the paint is dry, place the mesh crafter’s webbing onto the sheet of clay.
  • Thoroughly embed into the sheet using an acrylic brayer.
  • You want the mesh to be embedded into the sheet so that it will not easily lift up.
  • Spray liberally with rubbing alcohol from a mister bottle.
  • Use several baby wipes and begin the process of removing the paint from the sheet of clay.
  • You may need several baby wipes depending on how thickly you laid down the paint and how dry the paint is on the sheet of clay.
  • Continue wiping the paint off until you are down to the base layer of clay between the mesh areas.
  • Then slowly remove the mesh from the sheet of clay.
  • What is left behind is a gorgeous “crackle” pattern that can be used for a variety of projects!
  • The cool part is that as you use this veneer, part of it will truly “crackle” along the paint lines adding an additional level of “cool” to your faux crackle.
  • As a side note, this technique works fabulously with the Faux Collage Veneers Tutorial too.

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5 thoughts on “Easy Faux Crackle Tutorial – Overlay Technique

  1. Would love to make this but mesh fabtic is no longer available on Amazon and I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. You’re better off getting this in a store now than Amazon so that you can “pick” the type of crackle that you’d like to achieve.

  2. LOVE it! Great technique!

    1. Thanks B’Sue!

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