Rainbow Pen Tutorial – Using Skinner Blend, Canes, & Cut-Outs

Polymer Clay Rainbow Pen Tutorial by KatersAcres

Use polymer clay to make these cute rainbow pens with graphic cuteness!

Making polymer clay rainbow pens are a fun afternoon project. I love making pens to give as gifts or to make as fillers on my table at shows and events. ENJOY!


Let’s Begin

What is a Skinner Blend? A Skinner blend is a way of combining two colors to create a variegated palette that is unique, blended, and can be seamless with enough patience and effort. The old term for this used to be a gradation … today people sometimes refer to it as an “ombre” effect. This effect can be achieve with similar colors (as show below) or with opposing colors to create new & unusual blends. Sculpey has a fantastic post with more information on Skinner blends, including how to make one using the “traditional techniques” with triangles formed into squares & rectangles. You can make your rainbow skinner blend using the technique’s in Sculpey’s tutorial.

Polymer Clay Rainbow Pen Tutorial by KatersAcres


Making the Rainbow Pen

  • Polymer Clay Rainbow Blend Pen Tutorial by KatersAcresNOTE: I have used the Teardrop Method (CLICK the link above to watch a demonstration on YouTube by Cindy Leitz).
  • To create your skinner blend, form teardrops of clay from left to right using purple, blue, green, red, & yellow.
  • Each teardrop should be approximately the same size.
  • Once you have formed your teardrops, roll them out flatter to fit through the largest setting on your pasta machine, using your acrylic roller.
  • Then begin to roll your blend through the pasta machine.
  • Always keep your colors lined up (yellow on yellow, purple on purple, etc)! If you turn your blend, you WILL ruin it.
  • NOTE: I wanted to control the size of my blend, so I used my pasta machine wedge to make the blend less wide. (Get the tutorial here) By using the wedge, I control the size of the blend so I can turn the blend into a block much easier.
  • Polymer Clay Rainbow Pen Tutorial by KatersAcresContinue to roll this blend through the pasta machine, matching like colors, about 25-40 times.
  • NOTE: The more your roll the blend through your pasta machine, the more gradated the color palette will be. I only rolled mine about 25 times.
  • When you are finished (you decide how gradated you want your blend to be) you should have a LONG strip of clay.
  • Now use this blend to cover your pen with clay.
  • To finish your pen, simply follow the tutorial below.
  • When your pen is covered add translucent canes of your choice: spiral canes, flowers, petals, or heart cut outs.

A Few Notes

  • You do NOT have to have a skinner blend to make this pen, this is just what I used.
  • You do NOT need a polyclay blade, you can use just an exacto knife, or even a kitchen knife or plastic knife*.
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions on the package for baking.  I used Premo! polymer clay and baked my pens for 40 minutes at 275 degrees and tented them with foil to keep them from burning.


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  1. Just love this glittery piece.. may just have to use for my first skinner and first pen

    1. Wonderful! Have fun making the pen and using it!

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