Behind the Scenes: Flower Petal Cane & More

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WIP Wednesday 012914 - Behind the Scenes in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio

Maybe it was because of the sub-zero temperatures that we had this past week, but whatever it was, I was dreaming of flowers all week.  As usual in my studio, I follow the dreams & plans of whatever is on my mind. So … flower canes & pink flowers it was. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of what’s going on in my polymer clay studio (clockwise from upper left):

  • Rainbow Pens: I made several rainbow themed polymer clay covered pens that I decorated with canes & hearts for Valentine’s day. Get the tutorial here.
  • Craft Store Haul! I was out of a few very necessary things in my studio … so, a trip to 2 different craft stores I made, and this is what I brought home.
  • 20 gauge colored copper wire – 8 feet of each color
  • Boye darning needles to make new needle tools (Get the tutorial here)
  • Polymer clay
  • Earring post & back assembly
  • Pins: A few small flowers pin using my new cane.
  • StoryBook Scenes: Both Parker & Lolly had StoryBook Scenes made with my new pink flower cane.
  • Flower Fabric: Look at the gorgeous flower fabric I made! I loved it. It was beautiful! I’m speaking in the past tense because my oven must have had a temperature spike and the 4 pens that I made from this gorgeous fabric burned and were not salvageable. Therefore, not only was I so disappointed…I used the last of my canes to make it, so there will be no more pretty fabric like this one. Boo hoo!
  • Flower Petal Canes: Here’s those pretty flower petal canes that I’ve been talking about!
  • My Polymer Clay Studio: Polyform is offering a contest to post a recent studio photo … so here’s a picture of my studio. This is pretty much what it looks like every day, because I can’t work in chaos and I clean up after every clay session.
  • Wool Coat Brooch: And last but not least, I made this huge pin to place on my wool coat as spring gets closer. It has a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal in the middle.  Cool huh?

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What’s Going On Behind the Scene In Your Studio?

KatersAcres Polymer Clay StudioDid you have any utter failures or disappointments in your studio this week like I did?  What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on?  Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!


5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Flower Petal Cane & More

  1. love your site. colors are wonderful. I am a hopeless poly and beading fanatic. always enjoy seeing what others out there are doing.thanks for sharing.absolutly blown away by your canework!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m actually a novice caner. You should see some of the gorgeous canes that other very accomplished artists create!

  2. What I am working on right now are hearts for Kimberly Idalski’s “heart” swap. Have to make 10 of those and after I’ve made, and baked, the first 5 I though “That is so NOT me” LOL They weren’t really a failure but I didn’t care much for them, so I made new ones and they are much better.

    I’m also trying to destash to get some order in this chaos, but end up buying more than I’m destashing so that is no help, other than I have more new baubles to play with! That is also the reason why I’m staying away from craft stores 🙂

    Oh, and I’m trying to live up to my New Years resolution: finish things I start on! Am really bad with that but up to now I’ve tackled a number of WIPs and finished those, so that’s going good.

    What is eating up a lot of time too is renovating the bathroom, but that’s not crafty… until I need to put in the tile floor. That’s when things will get interesting 😉

  3. I’m not working on much. I need to do my micro cane for the crafty link thing still. I love those pens. definitely on my list of stuff to check out. you should check out Unkamen supplies sometime. Ralph sells a whole slew of wire and jump rings and other lovelies. I buy all my wire from him and he has awesome customer service and its a family run business.

    1. I will check that out, thanks for letting me know Victoria!

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