International Polymer Clay Swap – Valentine’s & Twinchies

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International Polymer Clay Swap for Valentine's Day by KatersAcres

Valentine's Day Showcase of Parker StoryBook Scenes on KatersAcres Blog https://katersacres.comI love collecting other people’s polymer clay art from around the globe. One of the ways that I have been doing this is by participating in the International Polymer Clay Swaps group through FaceBook.

Valentine’s Day Swap

Our swap this time around was to trade an item that makes us think of Valentine’s Day. My swap partner for this swap was Lupe Meter.

What Lupe Sent

Polymer Clay Swap Items made by Lupe MeterLupe was so overly generous in what she sent to me, I was astounded. The pieces were gorgeous nd she really paid attention to detail. I love the color combinations that she chose as well. The heart necklace is a super long, opera length necklace, which is my favorite style. I absolutely love it!

See Lupe’s blog post on the swap here.

What I sent to Lupe

Valentine's Day International Polymer Clay Swap by KatersAcresI sent Lupe a Twinchie made with a pixelated retro cane veneer (get the tutorial here). I embroidered flowers, leaves, and put a giant heart on the Twinchie I sent to Lupe. The flowers “hang” from the top and dangle toward the heart at the bottom.  I also sent her a large heart that I embellished with the embroidery technique. I did not make it into anything and rather chose to leave it “plain” so Lupe could decide what she wanted to do with it.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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  1. Nice post!! Thank you again for my lovely swap, Katie! I am hoping to drill a hole in the red heart so I can wear it and show it off! 🙂

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