52 Weeks of Canes: Basket Weave Cane by KatersAcres

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Millefiori Basketweave Cane

Polymer Clay Millefioiri Cane - BasketWeave by KatersAcres

52 Weeks of Canes

I’m really enjoying the process of learning to make canes. In fact, where I used to be scared of anything that wasn’t a leaf cane or flower petal cane, I can now say that I thoroughly enjoy making my canes! Much of that is thanks to this year long project team that has continued to push me to make a new cane every week.

Polymer Clay Millefiori Basketweave Cane

Polymer Clay Millefiori BasketWeave Cane by KatersAcres

Here’s my cane for this week. This week’s cane for the 52 Weekly Cane Projects is a basket weave cane.  You can get the tutorial for the basket weave cane here if you would like to try it yourself.  This is not a tutorial, just a simple photo collage of some of the steps I took to make the cane. Now, no one laugh, because YES, I did miss a step. Drat! By the time I realized it, my cane was already reduced. So … instead of making a full weave cane, I decided to make this beauty a kaleidoscope cane instead. And … wha-la, I really like it!  Mistakes happen, it’s learning to make due with the mistake & being creative in your attempts to revive it.

Oodles of Scrap

BasketWeave Cane Scraps from KatersAcresThe one thing that I noticed with this cane that I hadn’t with any of the others was the exorbitant amount of scrap that I had from making & assembling this cane. It’s okay because I will make new blends from some of them, and perhaps even some figurine bases. I supposed maybe I hurried too much to have this much scrap left, but I’m sure, honestly. My leaf & flower canes rarely have this much scrap left over.
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Gallery contains LINKS for tutorials here on my site as well as across the web.

Do you want to join us? Come and join the fun at this FaceBook group where we create one cane a week for the entire 2014 year!

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