14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials

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Discover 14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials

Looking for a fall polymer clay project?

Here’s 14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials from Around the Web to Get You Started

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it; from the apples, leaves, cider, crisp air, to the smell of drying leaves on the earth. I just love it. I often am my most creative during the September-November months because of this. To help jump-start your creative endeavors, I’ve put together a giant mash-up of 14 fall polymer clay tutorials you will love.

Looking for something creative to make this fall? Here’s a mashup of a bunch of different tutorials that you can learn from to make your own fall creation. Whether you are having a party, decorating a tree, or just getting in the spirit, this conglomeration of projects will have your head spinning with lots of ideas to jump start your creativity.

14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials from Around the Web


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4 thoughts on “14 Fall Polymer Clay Tutorials

  1. Fall is great! The colors are so inspiring. A hot cup of tea and a visit to KatersAcres makes for a nice afternoon.

    1. That’s so sweet! Thank you Sharon I’m glad you are enjoying the site.

      1. Why can’t I see the tutorials when I click on the links that have to do with Sculpty?

        1. Sculpey has redone their site multiple times. They do not correct their broken links or do redirects.

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